My 150-character personal summary

I’m fascinated with the form of the tweet. Having to restrict what I want to say to 140 characters is a fun exercise that I find has helped my writing. But I find myself annoyed by recent job applications that, after asking me to upload my resume, link to my LinkedIn profile, then retype my resume into their silly form fields (I have a master’s degree, and you’re asking where I went to high school?), also expect me to summarize myself in 150 words or less. “Say something that will catch our eye!”


Fine. Whatever. I usually say something snarky about breastfeeding, because I’m applying for telecommuting jobs and because I’m pretty sure none of the other candidates are mentioning lactation in their applications. So that ought to help me stand out. It’s not getting me any jobs, but I’m memorable.

But I’ve also been rolling the concept over in my mind as a personal exercise. And, because I do so love the form of tweets, I am limiting my playtime to 150 characters instead of 150 words. Pare it down. Get to the heart of what I’m trying to say. (I do have a tech writing background, after all.)

Who knows? Maybe one of these exercises will give me something pithy to put in these stupid job applications. Better yet, maybe I’ll learn something about myself.

Anyway, here’s what I came up with today:

Rock stars do one thing brilliantly. I do a lot of things: some reasonably well, others badly. Rock stars shine, then burn out—or fizzle. I intend to plod, and falter, and endure.

The trouble with being a goal junkie

I have a lot of plates in the air right now, but I can’t really accomplish anything big at the moment.

The wedding: Is in November. I can decide on decor, pay for the venue, start planning the honeymoon, taste cake…but I can’t do anything clothing related, work on the decor, buy supplies, or do anything tangible because it’s 6 months away.

Hobbies, writing, most anything fun: Is on hold until I sort out this issue with my thumb. I’ve been drawing, because I can at least do that with one hand. I am not a good artist. But neither was Jeph Jacques when he got started, and look at him now. Practice is everything.

Exercise: Is on the back burner. The weather has been chaotic. The children have been sick. I have had my unwell moments.

The house: Ditto all of the above. Plus when I do finally get it looking good around here, I have a crazy work day/everyone gets sick and it all goes to hell.

The yard: Is raging out of control. The rain has done hellish things to my yard.

The thing is, I’m not doing nothing. I’m just not amassing an impressive list of checks on my to-do list, so I feel like a slacker. But I’ve gotten some things done this month.

  • I’ve decided and purchased (except for the shoes and jewelry) what I’m wearing for the wedding.
  • I’ve decided how I am wearing my hair for the wedding, and have makeup ideas.
  • I’ve settled on a wedding decor theme.
  • I’ve worked on the wedding invitations.
  • Anya and I have looked at bridesmaid dresses for her, and R and I have talked about clothes for him.
  • I can, thanks to the stomach virus + the soy-induced Dexter period, fit into my wedding dress again.
  • I can also fit into a bunch of my old clothes, and have sorted my closet accordingly, making several bags for donation in the process.
  • I also sorted the toys, and made several bags for donation.
  • I’ve picked up some extra freelance work.
  • I’ve taken my kids on several fun outings.
  • Despite the vomiting and the period, I gave the kids a fun Easter.

Not bad, I don’t think, for a month in which someone has been sick almost every single day and I’ve been dealing with heavier-than-usual workloads.



Mid-April updates

  • Still in the splint. I seem to be having longer pain-free stretches without it, so maybe I can lose it soon.
  • We spent Easter weekend with stomach flu. My house was clean Friday.
  • I also am having the period you would expect after a 6-month hiatus. Between the flu and the period, I lost 3 lbs in 24 hours.
  • I have thoughts and ideas and topics both deep and shallow to discuss, but I am writing this with one thumb on my phone while my dozing nursling bites me. More later.

Updates for the beginning of April

The new splint is helpful, but a pain to type in, so this will be short.

  • The kids are on a prescription allergy medicine that I sincerely hope fixes their noses. Kai sneezed a green slime trail down my shirt while nursing the other day. Having children sometimes exceeds the expected grossness level.
  • After a couple of hours in the Botanic Gardens, my head is crying uncle. My soul craves nature walks. My sinuses crave air conditioning and HEPA filters. Damn you, spring, for being so beautiful yet so full of Allergy Death Dust.
  • I am currently using red hots concurrently with Sudafed (and Benadryl at night) to quell the pain. Sparingly, because they are red and I am allergic. And also because I found this article, which explains why they work so well — and why they irritate my tongue so much. Hurts so good…
  • I have rethought my approach to my goals, and have a lot to say on the matter. But…splint. So I will save it for a slower work day.

Updates for the end of March

Dr. Google, upon further inquiry, tells me my splint isn’t the right kind of splint. Which I’d kind of figured out for myself, but didn’t know what other types exist. I know now. And Amazon is sending me the right kind in a couple of days.

Which is good, because I am ready to be out of this thing. It’s scratching up my kid. And making my fingers swell so much that I can’t wear my new ring, which makes me sad.

I am currently adrift in a sea of work. Which, y’know, money. But also sunshine and pretty temps, so I am trying to strike a balance.

Also, my kids are sick. Anya has, we suspect, a virus, but both kids are suffering major allergy meltdowns. So my first instinct (to say f- work and go to the Dixon Gardens) is being tempered by the voice of reason. The one that doesn’t get much sleep because it spends the night sandwiched between two wheezing kids.

Sorry for the sporadic updates. This wrist pain is killer. And work has been crazy. I’ll write more when I hurt less…promise.

  • The play was a hit. Anya wants to perform now. I am trying to find her some singing/acting lessons.
  • The movie was also a hit. She can’t stop talking about Beauty and the Beast. I smell a yellow dress in the offing.
  • My garden is taking off. Now to see if I can keep it alive outside. Pics if I do.
  • My other projects are necessarily on hold until my thumb heals, but I did knock out some hanging plant holders. And then realized that where I have them hanging is probably too far from the sun. I like them, though, so I may put shade-friendly plants in the holders and move the herbs elsewhere. (Pics on those too, later.)
  • Kai is now old enough to be weighed on the standing scale. My internet is full of people having babies, and I am sad that I cannot be one of them.
  • I’m pretty sure I can’t be one of them. I mean, I did (FINALLY) have a period. An actual period, that required underwear armor. But aside from the cramps (which Motrin, btw, didn’t even begin to alleviate, because I am me), it was in no way one of my periods. It was only 3 days long, for starters. And required only minipads. So while I may not be menopausal, I think it’s safe to say I’m peri. Not the best time to be having babies.

All the work in half the time

Today’s entry will necessarily be short, as I am in a wrist splint. Some judicious Dr. Googling leads me to believe I have de Quervain’s tendinosis — Mommy Thumb. I am the right age, suffer repetitive hand and wrist stress by virtue of my occupation (which has been in overdrive this week, as you may have guessed from the title of this post), am female, and of course am a mother. Not a first-time mother, but still…if it quacks like a duck, it’s probably not a dog. Treatment involves the usual RICE, plus a splint, so I am trying that first. If that fails, I’ll go to the doctor.

  • Mom and I took Anya to see Beauty and the Beast last night. Gorgeous. Awesome, Anya says. We all loved it.
  • Also yesterday, my wedding set came in. I am in love with this little ring.IMG_20170323_130714_572
  • Tonight, we see Pinkalicious, The Musical. Anya’s first live performance. I hope it goes well.
  • I had hoped to go to the Dixon Gardens, or maybe the Botanic Garden, tomorrow, but it’s supposed to rain all day. So we will probably clean. I mean, I need to, but…
  • Next week is Anya’s spring break. Maybe we can squish in some fun then. But I already have a 29-pager in the hopper, and may have more work from other sources. Mo’ money. Less free time.
  • At the very least, I will get my hair cut, and R and I will have our engagement pics taken. Sans children. Maybe even have lunch. A date! As I live and breathe.

But for right now, I have a 34-page article and a wheezing kid, so…off I go.

A chilly, damp Wednesday

Though I know better, I started my day off with a round of news. I should never do that. Now I’m sad and scared and sick to my stomach. Meditation is a far better start to my day. I can’t deal with the tragedy of the human existence properly without at least three cups of tea under my belt.

There are always bright spots, though, right? So here’s a few:

  • Anya’s cast is off, and her arm is healed. She will be stiff and sore for a few days (theoretically), but she’s on the mend. And ready to do cartwheels, if only she knew how. (Nobody teach her how, please.)
  • She didn’t throw up last night. How’s that for a milestone? She did wake from a nightmare and join us in bed, but sans vomiting. I’m hoping that means her new allergy medicine works. Poor kid.
  • I am going to push to get our container garden together after work today. We have a new container — looks like a huge canvas drawer, only supposedly more durable. Bigger, lighter than the previous tubs, and supposedly better for the plants. We’ll see how it handles Midsouth summers.
  • I’m trying to pull off engagement pictures next week. Because R and I haven’t had many photos taken of us, and we deserve a little love, too. It’s all very short notice, though, so it may not happen. But I have hope.
  • My wedding rings should be arriving soon (maybe even tomorrow), and I’m about to order R’s. One step closer…