Soylent celery

My celery juice powder comes in a tall zipper bag with a small scoop. It looks like the powder I used to feed my sea monkeys. The scoop even looks like a larger version of the sea monkey food scoop. It smells better than sea monkey powder, though — smells like celery. I like celery quite a lot.

I read somewhere that celery juice is supposed to be really good for you. Full of vitamins. Helps regulate appetite. I’m noticing that my morning almonds upset my stomach; for 30 minutes or so after I eat, my stomach roils and grumbles like I’ve just eaten car parts. So I have been searching for a replacement breakfast. Celery juice seemed to fit the bill. I don’t have a juicer, but I have a blender. That’ll work, right?

Please: If you make celery juice in a blender, strain it first. Otherwise it’s like drinking moist cotton batting. I thought the kids were going to barf, and they weren’t even drinking it. However, you can squeeze a shocking amount of juice from the foamy pulp. It’s a pain in the butt, though, and messy if you’re not quite awake yet. Hence the powder.

“Celery juice powder?!” R said when he stumbled across it in the pantry. He didn’t say much more, because he’s used to finding weird things in the pantry now. Such is life with someone whose digestive system has gone off the rails.

I add the powder to smoothies, which I believe was the intent. Easy-peasy, and the flavor even blends nicely with the other flavors. Or maybe it doesn’t, but I happen to like celery. Anyway, I tried it on its own the other day. Just cool water and sea monkeyesque celery juice powder. It blended to a lovely shade of green, and didn’t taste awful. So I have been drinking it in place of breakfast because it’s fast/easy/quiet and I’m trying to see if my morning belly burbles are to be blamed on the almonds or if that’s just the sound I make in the morning, like my old Bunn coffee maker.

I still think intermittent fasting would help my digestive woes, but after 5 years of breakfast-on-demand, my stomach complains when I skip the morning meal. I’m hoping the celery juice will help ease that transition. And if not, maybe I could make a lifetime supply of cream of celery soup.

8 thoughts on “Soylent celery

  1. ” for 30 minutes or so after I eat, my stomach roils and grumbles like I’ve just eaten car parts”. LOL! But I’m sure the pain isn’t funny. Love your writings.

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  2. Ooo, I love a celery soup. Doesn’t even need cream, for me, but that’s nice too. Celery juice, dunno. But I hope it’s good for your tummy. I can skip breakfast once in a while, but I get up at 7. Not sure I could do it getting up super early!

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  3. I tried celery juice, for months. It didn’t help me. I also backed off, because I realized the guy who was pushing it, made some outrageous claims, which I should have seen coming, since he calls himself the Medical Medium. I hope the powder helps. He claimed that you need to drink it by itself, but I don’t see why that should be the case.

    Mine has been better recently, and I’m not sure why. Although it felt upset once I started bending over and picking up pumpkins, at the pumpkin patch yesterday. I got a little sick last night, from a burrito, and some tea.


      1. It definitely looks like the almonds first thing were causing problems. Cream of buckwheat is better, but I still drink the celery juice on busy mornings. Here’s hoping it helps!


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