Real Neat Award

Rhonda at Pollyanna’s Path nominated me for the Real Neat blogging award, and though I’ve let things like this slide in the past, I am determined to at least answer the questions for this one. Thank you, Rhonda! I think your blog is great, and always look forward to your posts.

I am supposed to nominate a few bloggers and ask them questions, but in the interest of time (which is usually where I fall down on these sorts of posts — they take me a while to put together and life intervenes) I am just going to point you toward my top three: Rhonda (linked above), Lorna of Gin & Lemonade, and Rebecca of Rust Belt Girl.

As part of my nomination, Rhonda asked me to answer the following questions:

You have an opportunity to have a sit down with another writer. Who would it be and why?
I am not going to be able to pick just one. Number one has to be Stephen King, because the older I get, the more I am in awe of his ability to write people. His subject matter is not everyone’s cup of tea, but that man can create characters, towns, countries like it’s nobody’s business.

I would also love to chat with Dorothy Parker and H. D. (Hilda Doolittle), two of my favorite poets. I have loved their work for years, but as I age, I am growing more interested in them as people, as women, as writers.

Who is the most talented Black artist (musician, writer, painter, potter, any type of artist) that you think deserves to be more widely known or appreciated?
I don’t feel qualified to say who is the most talented, but I am discovering writers such as bell hooks, Audre Lorde, and Alice Walker. (Yeah, I’m on a poetry kick these days.)

Who is the funniest person you have ever personally known?
My best friend, confidant, and nonromantic partner for life, Dana Calvert — or, as I think of him, Danedane. (It was his AOL screen name, which should tell you all you need to know about how far we go back.) He has a huge heart, an even bigger imagination, and knows more about random stuff than pretty much everyone I know. But most importantly, he never fails to make me laugh.

My husband is also hilarious, and laughter is a huge part of our marriage. (I’m not exaggerating; I mentioned it in my wedding vows.) While some things are no laughing matter, I find humor to be an underrated art form, a fantastic form of therapy, and a salve for many wounds. In the right hands, it’s a great uniter, leveler, and bonding agent. No marriage should be without it.

What or who is your spirit animal?
I don’t know that I would call it my spirit animal, but in recent years I have come to think of hummingbirds as a sort of muse or touchstone. Several hummingbird sightings have coincided with moments of introspection, and now I view them as a harbinger of growth and perseverance.

What is the biggest mistake you think you’ve made as a blogger?
I really wish I’d formatted my recipes better. It annoys me when I find a recipe on a blog that I want to try and there’s no Print button, because I save all my recipes to Google Drive and I really don’t want to plow through the writer’s life story to get to the ingredient list. And here I am, doing the same thing. I’ve tried to keep my own recipe backstories short and sweet, but if I ever get around to formatting them properly, I have a lot of work ahead of me updating the backlog.

Also, I suck at proper tagging. Sorry. As an indexer, I should do better.

What one aspect of your life during the pandemic is “for keeps” post Covid-19?
Well, technically I started this pre-COVID, but I am really hoping to get a functioning kitchen garden going. I’ve been trying for years, with mixed results. I love the thought of being self-sufficient enough to be able to isolate as we have been with little sacrifice. Also, we make very little trash these days. R was home for a week and we made ONE bag of trash. That’s mind blowing. I’m going to strive to keep that up.

If you were granted the ability to be highly proficient at playing a musical instrument, what would it be and why?
I’m not sure I could pick one. I want to play the piano, the guitar, and the drums. Probably the guitar would be the most useful with small children, but I’d love to learn them all. I love to sing, even though it’s hard for me to sing with my allergies being what they are. If I could play guitar, I could serenade Kai; he loves being sung to.

Now, if we’re shooting for the moon, I would like my allergies to be magicked away so I could sing and play guitar. That would be awesome.

3 thoughts on “Real Neat Award

  1. Congratulations! Thank you to Rhonda for her insightful questions, I found your answers fun to read. Wouldn’t Dorothy Parker be a hoot spend the afternoon with! 🤗

    I’m curious as to what questions you’re going to ask your nominees. 🤔

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