One idle Tuesday

Last Tuesday morning (R has Mondays and Fridays off), R’s temperature scan at work came back 100.6. So, after a COVID test, he got a week off. And the wait began. His temperature at the doctor was normal, so we were not in Super Ultra Panic mode — he could have just been hot at work because, well, it’s summer — but we nevertheless commenced cleaning All The Things. I asked my daughter to clean upstairs in case we have to quarantine him, and to wipe all the high-touch areas of the house. I put R on Bathroom Bleach duty (I can’t breathe around bleach cleaners). I Lysoled everything and washed up the extra towels and blankets, just in case. And the daily temperature checks resumed.

Tuesday afternoon, because apparently my day was not eventful enough, my most recent crown popped out. (I may have been stress-eating strawberry Starbursts at the time.) I was able to get it reattached that same day, so I can’t complain…much. There was a worrying amount of unmasked closeness that I had not witnessed at my earlier visit. Which may or may not be related to the Fox News station they play in the waiting room.

It goes without saying that this was not the Tuesday I’d ordered. The days that followed have been busy, if slightly anticlimactic after that pistol start.

The county school board reported the results of their parent survey: Approximately 60% of respondents plan to send their kids to school. The gist of their report seemed to be that they are reading this as everyone wanting schools to reopen. So even though I responded to the survey, I wrote to the county school board pleading with them to offer a remote alternative, or at least recommend a homeschooling platform. I also requested some remote speech therapy for my daughter — I’m pretty sure I can teach 3rd grade and kindergarten subjects, but a speech pathologist I am not. Wednesday, I received a phone call from one of the district staff, who as it happens was principal of Anya’s former school and remembers us both. She assured me that they are making arrangements for students who for whatever reason will not be returning to school in the fall, including speech therapy and an online learning platform, which was an enormous load off my mind. Especially after I read in the paper Thursday that after a two-week ramp-up, school will open for all in-person classes, 5 days a week, no social distancing or masks required. The day after that, record high numbers of new cases were reported across the state and across the country.


With R home all week, it’s home projects a-go-go around here. Cleaning, of course, is high on the list. I bought this awesome bleach-free disinfecting cleaner, and we are putting it through the paces. (Full disclosure: I’ll get some free refill capsules if you buy a starter kit through that link. But this stuff is truly awesome, and I’d be telling you about it even if I got nothing in return.) The kids’ study is coming together nicely, and I spiffed up my office with a new organizer. R hung our new ceiling fan, and put up wooden blinds in his man cave/office/Deadpool shrine. After months of waiting, our wildflower garden is taking off, and it’s making me so happy. I was down Saturday with mega allergies (thanks, Sahara), but Sunday I reorganized the laundry room and R tackled our junk/tool drawer.

Sunday afternoon, we got the results of R’s test: Negative. Which we’d kind of figured, given his utter lack of fever in the intervening days, but it was still a relief.

And now the week begins anew. Hopefully a bit more boring this time around.

2 thoughts on “One idle Tuesday

  1. WOW! You got quite a bit done with R home all week. I’m now trying to figure out the logistics of starting a new business, “Rent-A-Rona Helpmate”. 😏

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