Things you don’t learn in school

We learned that there is a wrong way to make fizzy juice using the Sodastream. But it still tastes delicious. And the kitchen is clean now. (Pro tip: You make the water fizzy, then add concentrated juice. Do not fizz up the juice. The juice is unforgiving. And sticky.)

We learned that some ladybugs have no spots. I also learned that they’re not true ladybugs, but the kids don’t care about that.

We learned that you can make potato chips in the microwave, but it’s (probably) more trouble than it’s worth.

We learned many, many things on Netflix’s Absurd Planet…not all of which I really wanted to know. Like the birds who impale their prey on a tree branch so they can go back for leftovers. Still, the show is entertaining. I just periodically have to employ my Walking Dead hand.

We learned that my kids will indeed work for edutainment time, so I am using education apps as a bargaining tool to get them to do homework. They ask to do homework now. Teachers, take note.

We learned (ok, I learned) that having the knowledge and explaining the knowledge in a way that a child can understand are not the same thing. At all. On a related note, I have enormous empathy for all the boring teachers I’ve endured in my life. You are my people.

I also learned that some of the “new math” is really freaking cool, and beats the heck out of the rote memorization methods used back in the 1900s. (Which, by the way, is how my kid refers to my youth.)

I am working on some educational projects. (In my mind, because work has been one long Diet Coke Mentos-like tidal wave lately.) Posts on those to come once I have the chance to implement them. But first: Birthday. This one’s the one that tips me over the hill and on the downhill slide to 50. Good times.

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