March was busy

Lucy, I got some updatin’ to do.

  1. We bought a house. It was a whirlwind sort of thing. I saw a house I liked. We filed our taxes, and I found out we qualified for a mortgage sufficient to buy said house. Before we could view the house, however, someone bought it out from under us. But then we viewed two other (better) houses, and made an offer on the second one on the spot. Now we live in it.
  2. I had a follow-up with my nutritionist and found out that while I am not deficient in anything (go-go gadget multivitamin), I am sensitive to stuff I have been consuming every day for years. Like milk. Wheat. Quinoa. Ginger. Vanilla. Mint. Soy. (Have you ever tried to remove soy from your life? It’s in everything.) Life makes a lot more sense now. I still don’t have my stomach under control, but I gurgle less.
  3. I started PT for my stomach and back. I am tight as a drum from my ribs to my hips. I also have diastasis recti and adhesions from the cesareans. Hence the pain, and the pot belly even when I was 105 lbs. I’ve spent the past several weeks trying to teach my lower spine to curve. I didn’t realize this was a thing you could forget how to do.
  4. Moving week saw me get another cortisone shot in my wrist. Scalpels were mentioned. I’ve decided I’m going to let the nice PT ladies take a crack at it first. I don’t love needles, but I hate scalpels.
  5. R got a new job. His new employer lets him come home way more often than his former employer, and also gives him two whole days off every week. Compared to how things had been going, this feels like he’s working part time.
  6. Kai turned 4. He would be starting pre-K in the fall, but the local school canceled pre-K next year, and he refuses to go to a different school than Anya. So I get one more year with my little man. I’m deep in my mommy maudlins these days (mah babies are growin’ up too fast!), so I’m totally fine with this development.
  7. Anya is improving in all ways, but none so much as her science game. Kid has the mind of a biologist. And we are all learning much about science along the way.

We are currently settling in to our new digs. More updates when the dust (literally) settles.

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