Cleaning house

The first time I encountered Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day was about 20 years ago, while shopping in a World Market with an ex. He was obsessed with all things China, so we shopped there often; however, I was recently divorced and broke and he was a grad student, so we didn’t buy much.

“They want how much for this dish soap?!” I said, looking at the price sticker. And that was the end of that.

Fast forward a few years. I’ve developed sensitivities to pretty much everything (I even have to use fancy deodorant now), particularly to cleaning products. I tried cleaning with just water and vinegar, but got tired of my house smelling like hot wings. Then one day I stumbled across a Grove promo code on a blog. (I forget which blog. Thank you, benevolent blogger, whoever you are!) The code was good for a free 5-piece gift set of Mrs. Meyer’s products if I signed up for Grove’s VIP program. (The blogger also got a $10 credit. Everyone won.) I’d heard great things about Mrs. Meyer’s in the intervening years, and this seemed like a painless way to try them out. So I clicked the link and ordered the stuff, and quickly became a fan of Grove.

Grove Collaborative is a monthly delivery service that sells a wide range of natural household and personal products — kind of like Alice, if you remember Alice, but they only sell natural, eco-friendly products. So they don’t offer a wide range of items, but what they do offer is good. And shipped to your door every month, which is always a plus for people with small children. Like other subscription services, the big plus is that you never run out of things you need. Unlike other subscription services I’ve used, though, they give you plenty of lead time to tweak your order before it ships, and don’t even require that you place an order every month. I’m the kind of person who considers Amazon subscriptions to be too much of a commitment, so I like the flexibility Grove offers.

Their VIP program is pretty nice, I must say. Free shipping and free full-sized items each month if you meet a minimum order of around $50. The full-sized items aren’t cheap, either — two of mine more than recouped the $20 annual membership fee. And if you don’t want the item, you can just remove it from your cart. You can cancel the VIP membership at any time. (Which obviously I have not done, but my dealings with customer service have always been great, so I can’t imagine it’d be a hassle.)

The best part, though, is the products. I live in a small town; we don’t even have a Walmart. I have to drive 15 miles to get to a Walmart, and 30+ miles to get to stores like Whole Foods, Target, and Fresh Market that offer the products I use. So I really appreciate that Grove makes it easy for me to buy what I need. I have fallen in love with the Mrs. Meyer’s products; they don’t irritate my lungs or my skin, and they smell so good that they honestly make me want to clean the house — no lie. The Lemon Verbena scent is light and crisp, and I’m really loving the seasonal fragrances; Apple Cider, Mum, and Peppermint are my favorites. Grove offers a far broader range of Mrs. Meyer’s and Method products than I can find anywhere around here. I’ve also found some favorite products in the Grove brand line. I now refuse to use any other glass cleaner, for instance, and we have all but stopped using ziplock baggies in favor of their reusable ones.

No, they didn’t pay me to say all this. Promise. I’m just that excited about their stuff.

If you’d like to give it a shot, you’re welcome to use my referral link to get your own free Mrs. Meyer’s kit: (Note that I, too, will get a $10 credit if you order the kit using this link.)

And now I’m off to clean the kitchen.

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3 thoughts on “Cleaning house

  1. OK, since I’m not that much of a cleaner, I’m going to ask you about the deo! I tried one of the natural deos but the oil in it stained the underarms of my shirts. Which is worse than stinking! Do you like that one? Great post! Enjoy your cleaning. I suppose I’ll have to get at that some time this season!

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  2. I love the deo! I was really skeptical; I don’t want to be sweaty OR stinky, and many of the typical antiperspirants don’t work for me. But every brand I tried was giving me a rash under my arms, even the baking soda-based ones. I have had great luck with Vanicream body wash and lotion, though, so I was pleased to find that they also offer a deo. It’s a gel, and has no scent at all. It’s a bit sticky until it dries, but then it works perfectly. I haven’t tested it in the heat of summer, but it’s withstood workouts, some hefty pre-Christmas decorating cleaning sessions, and my worst hot flashes. It also hasn’t left any marks on my clothes, oily or otherwise. (I wear mostly dark colors, so it’s nice not having to search for white streaks after putting on a shirt.) For me, it’s worth every penny!

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