Maybe Heihei has IBS, too

Those of you who keep track of this blog, particularly the recipes, may have noticed a trend over the past few weeks. Specifically, a shift from actual food that people might want to eat to…soup. Soup with 5 or fewer ingredients. Glorified baby food.

There is a reason for this.

Remember back when I found out that I’m full of it? Since then, I’ve been on a mission to eat healthier — more fresh fruits and vegetables, less cheese and pasta. And I succeeded. I, an avid, lifelong fruit hater, managed to consume fruit on the regular. Even grew to like fruit. (Okay, some fruit. Let’s not get crazy here.) But it didn’t help.

head bang.gif

I drank enough water to sink the Titanic. Exercised. Meditated. Did yoga. Abdominal massage. De nada.

So I started doing research. Discovered this lovely autoimmune disorder called irritable bowel syndrome. And these foods called FODMAPs. The internet tells me that if I eliminate FODMAPs for a month or two, I should go into remission, and may then be able to eat food again.

peck peck.gif

I began to experiment. I discovered quite quickly that gluten is a highly probable trigger for my symptoms — the last thing I ate before I wound up in the ER all those months ago includes gluten as a main ingredient. So I eliminated gluten. And dairy (another common trigger). And, as I began noticing reactions to them, almonds, oats, corn, rice, then pretty much all grains. Eventually, I was down to eating these foods:

  • avocados
  • mangoes
  • honey
  • strawberries
  • pomegranate juice
  • potatoes
  • apples
  • carrots
  • sweet potatoes
  • celery
  • peanut butter

I stuck with that for a month. And it didn’t help.


Back to the FODMAP drawing board. Turns out a lot of what I considered to be “safe” foods aren’t low FODMAP-friendly. (Depending on the list you are consulting; I’ve found them to conflict.) So while I do believe I’ve resolved the original impaction (I still need to go back to the doctor to verify that), I have not yet corrected the cause. Which means that I still swell up like I’m 8 months pregnant nearly every evening. I still wake at 2 a.m with excruciating back/abdominal pain. And I’m still hungry pretty much all the time.

So I’ve cut things back even further. And continue to eliminate foods. I’ll give it a month. If I can’t sort this out with another round of low-FODMAPping on my own, I’m consulting a dietitian. Because I am still breastfeeding. Because I’ve begun losing my hair, and have had to start taking B12 as a result. Because I’m a wife and a mother and a business owner, and I don’t have time to be run down. But mostly because I’m becoming depressed every time I try to cook or eat or buy groceries; the joy has been sapped out of eating, and what I’m left with is a pinless grenade of a digestive system. I’m miserable, and I’m making everyone around me miserable.


Sorry the food’s been so boring. Believe me, this isn’t what I want to eat, either. With any luck, I’ll get this glitch under control and go back to eating at least some fun foods. Or, less fun, I’ll start posting IBS-friendly recipes. I just have to sort things out first. Thanks for hanging in there while I do.


10 thoughts on “Maybe Heihei has IBS, too

  1. Odd, I went through something similar recently. Unexplained abdominal pain, cramping, frequent bathroom visits. I cut out a lot of dairy and that seemed to help… but damn. You seem to have cut out everything. I couldn’t live on squash soup for long!


    1. It’s not been easy. I had a pat of butter on my potato last night and have pain today, so dairy is looking like a trigger. But I’m growing tired of the trial and error and the guesswork. I’d like someone to tell me what I can and can’t eat. And I’d like that “can” list to include a few more foods! I have been feeling better this week, at least, so it looks like this crazy diet is doing some good.

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      1. I did a lot of research on Crohns, celiac disease, IBS and it’s all maddening. So much conflicting information and advice. Thankfully for whatever reason mine has calmed down. Hope you can find some relief as well…
        And when all else fails? Blame menopause!

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      2. My dad says he went through something like this when he was younger, and eating nothing but yogurt for a month fixed it. If only mine were that easy! But then Dad wasn’t also menopausal. :D

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      3. I love yogurt, but it’s not been sitting well with me. I’ve been taking a probiotic for a couple of months — even tried a few different brands — but I can’t say if it’s helping or hurting. I’m just at the “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” stage with this. I have an appointment with my GP on Friday, and unless he has a better idea, I’m going to request that he recommend a dietitian. Maybe that will help.

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      4. That’s why I’ve put off going this long, and why I am not seeking a gastroenterologist — they all seem to think surgery is the answer. Uh, no. If I can’t fix this with food, I’ll consider it, but let’s try food first and keep the scalpel for a last resort.

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