Food, glorious food

I think I’ve mentioned on here that I’m trying to come up with recipes the kids will eat. And I’m trying to trick myself into liking fruit by drinking smoothies. (PS: It’s working.) Now I’ve moved on to my most neglected meal: lunch.

Lunch tends to get short shrift. It’s always been an afterthought meal for me — a sandwich, soup, a cup of cottage cheese, hummus and chips, whatev. Something quick and portable. I don’t ever remember eating a hot lunch on the reg, even as a kid. But now I work from home — in my kitchen, no less — and I can do better.

So I am cooking a lot these days.

It has occurred to me that, as I’m already doing all this cooking, I should share what I’m coming up with. If for no other reason than for me to have my (made up and/or heavily tweaked) recipes all in one place. So I’m going to try to post one recipe each week. Go ahead and give this a cutesy name in your head — Munchie Mondays or something — because I suck at titles.

Ahem. Anyway.

So I made this thing, and it was good. You should try it.

This past week, most of the house has been sick, and I didn’t feel so great myself. Also I was crazy busy with work. Lunch was thus soup, English muffins, and other quickly grabbable things. But Friday was slow, the boys were asleep, and I had veggies getting limp in the fridge. So I made up a sammich.

Not from scratch, mind you. I based it off a recipe I used quite frequently in my cubicle days, only I modified the recipe to be flavored with ranch dressing instead of horseradish because I don’t much care for horseradish. Now I don’t much care for ranch, either, so I had to modify further. And wing it, because I don’t remember where the recipe came from. Here’s my recipe; amounts are all -ish because I only measured the seasoning.

Veggie-Cottage Sammiches

1 cup fat-free cottage cheese
1 tiny (approx 1/4 c shredded) carrot
1 small (approx 1/4 c cut into teensy ittle pieces) celery stalk
3/4 tsp Penzey’s Greek Goddess salad dressing mix

I mixed it all up, scooped half a cup (or thereabouts) on a toasted English muffin, sprinkled it with salt, and happily scarfed it down along with a glass of V-8. So. good.

I am going to guess this will make three sandwiches. (1 c plus 1/4 c plus 1/4 c divided by 1/2 c = 3…see, I can do math), but as I didn’t measure anything, who knows? You can always adjust the amounts to make more or less. Or just wing it; it doesn’t hurt. (I say this knowing damn well nobody else in my house is going to touch this stuff. If you’re making it to share and want to make sure everyone gets enough to eat, please do measure.)

Next time I might dial back the Greek Goddess to 1/2 tsp, but otherwise it was delish. And I have enough for a few more lunches! I’m nearly out of English muffins, but I’ll come up with something. I bet it’d be tasty on Triscuits, too, if worse comes to worse.


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