A new year, a new approach

As I mentioned in my last post, I am changing my approach to goals. No longer am I using them as a means to a gold star; instead, I view them as tools to get me from where I am to where I want to be. And it’s working.

I did one of those silly quizzes on FB recently — one that scans your recent posts and shows you in a nifty graphic what words you use most. I was amused that in mine, the word “cake” was way bigger than the word “work.” It would not have been that way 10 years ago; my Timehops pre-Anya are pretty much nothing but work rants. All I did, all I thought about, it seems, was work. And I was miserable at work, so I was miserable most of the time. That’s no way to live.

I’m not replacing work with cake, of course. For starters, I highly doubt my landlords would accept cake in place of rent. Also, I’m trying to cut back on the sugar. But as far as priorities go, I’d much rather focus on cake. Cake is tasty, usually present at celebrations, and is beloved by young and old alike. Work, if it’s good work, allows room for creativity and personal growth, but it usually is woefully short on frosting.

It’s a good litmus test: Cake or work? Which would I rather my life be full of? On my deathbed, when I look back at my life, will I feel worse for passing on a gig or passing on a slice of cake?


I mean, it’s a silly question, really.

But this isn’t just about cake or work. It’s about what I want my life to be full of. Do I want to look back on my life and see weeks full of work and weekends full of house cleaning and grocery shopping? Hell no. I want a clean house and a fridge full of food, of course, but it’s not enough. I want adventures. I want walks in the woods with my kids, and museums, and science experiments, and days spent daydreaming on a blanket under the trees. But there are only so many hours in the day, so I’m going to have to kick some stuff to the curb. The filler. The stuff that doesn’t add to my vision of what my life should be like.

Therefore, I present to you the theme for my 2018:


I treated myself to this shirt as a reminder. (It’s a v neck, so I can even nurse in it.) To acknowledge the fruitless, the frivolous, the time sucks, the butthurts — and let them go. My energy is much better focused on what I can do, on that which will help me progress, and the rest is best left on the cutting-room floor.

Let that shit go.

My first step towards this, blogwise, is to re-evaluate my Monday list. I’ve felt for a while that the categories didn’t really fit what I am trying to focus on. So here’s my new list:

Goal in focus:




Listening to:


Working on:


Making me happy:

I’ll start using this list next week to track my progress. Here’s to a happy and productive 2018!


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