And hippopotamuses like me, too

In my head, “All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth” plays on a loop, alternating with “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.”

Anya just lost her first tooth, and had another pulled — they are the bottom teeth, but it’s still an event. She lost the first tooth at school, and it was sent home in a little tooth-shaped plastic case on a string. That night, she had her first long-anticipated visit from the Tooth Fairy.

20171201_143956The other tooth was pulled because her permanent teeth were coming in behind these two teeth, and it was going to cause issues if the baby teeth didn’t make way for them. (The Tooth Fairy paid a bit more for that second one, because it was far more traumatic to lose.) So she doesn’t have a gap, per se, and doesn’t whistle or anything. The timing’s just adorable, is all.

And then there’s the hippo song. The other night, R got the hippo song stuck in his head, and I felt the need to torment him the way he did with me when I got She Bangs stuck in my head years ago. This is what love looks like in my house. (Lucky for me, I like the hippo song. He cannot say the same for Ricky Martin.)


Kai has begun posing for pictures. I don’t mean smiling. I mean posing.






My parents found a stack of books in their attic from my childhood. My first dictionary. My Charlie Brown encyclopedias. And Today Was a Terrible Day, which was one of my all-time favorites when I was a kid. I read it to Anya the other night, and she loves it, too.


I finally finished Stranger Things 2 (which was amazing, though there were things I wish they’d elaborated on a bit more), and moved on to Dark (which is also amazing). Now I’m looking for something…lighter. Fun. Or at least without endangered babies.

Listening to:

I am on a mission to find good Christmas music on Spotify. Tis the season and all. Right now I’m checking out Christmas Music – Holiday Songs. It starts out with the dreaded Mariah Carey song (nothing wrong with it, but I’m burned out), but it has a fair portion of Pentatonix songs at first glance. I’m puzzled by the inclusion of Hallelujah — lovely song, and their cover is quite nice, but it’s not very Christmasy. I’m still willing to give the playlist a shot, though. Especially since there is only one Michael Buble song in the mix. (Again…burned out.)

Working on:

Getting my Christmas on. Yes, the kids are getting gifts. But I’m trying to emphasize the whole experience, not just the gifts. We’ve done gingerbread houses and gone to a parade, decorated the house, and attended several holiday events (with more on the agenda). The gifts are nice, yes. But the activities are what make it fun.

Also, when we attend an event, I don’t have to clean up afterward. Just saying.


Zoo Lights. Starry Nights. Ninjabread men. This cortisone shot to do its thing and knock the de Quervain’s back again. (Please. Please please.)

Making me happy:

Kai is really digging Christmas this year. He knows who Ho Ho is now. And he highly approves of the whole package — the lights, the music, the abundance of sweets, the decorations, all of it. I am soaking up the wonder while I can.


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