Tummy bugs and goal tweaks and goldfish

“Anything one does every day is important and imposing and anywhere one lives is interesting and beautiful.”

— Gertrude Stein

I agree with this statement, to a point. But then I want to make sure that what I do every day serves the life I want to live, instead of just existing day to day.

On that note…goal time.


The hits continued with a tummy bug (Anya’s) coupled with some godawful endo/adhesion pain. I have not given up on the September challenge, but have resolved to at least attempt yoga if jogging and ab work are not possible on any given day.

I have begun to notice a change in my tastes. For instance, I found myself on a recent Taco Tuesday out of my usual taco filling, so I just filled my shells with plain rice, kidney beans, corn, and cheese, and topped the mixture with taco sauce. It was amazing. So very good. I’m thinking a shift to simpler foods might be just want I’m looking for right now.

In the past week, I have not pushed my agenda of meditation, exercise, and reading. No, I have merely been doing those things for myself, without pressure…and if I don’t hop to at the usual time, my daughter is quick to ask if we can do them. Mission accomplished.

As the tummy bug had us stuck at home last weekend, I worked on the wedding invitations a bit and cleaned up Anya’s room in preparation for painting the walls. After that, we will look into getting a big-girl bed.

New Habits
A subhabit I would like to start, and am thus noting here: Clearing out the Goodwill donations before the pile becomes half a dozen extremely heavy garbage bags.

I am trying to cultivate a daily writing habit, even if I only write 10 minutes a day. I can find 10 minutes a day, surely.

I am looking into turning my freelancing biz into an LLC. It’s a bit of extra money that I’d rather not spend, but the benefits may outweigh the expenses. Still researching.

Foster Joy
We have goldfish now. Because my daughter has so desperately wanted a pet. She won them at the fair. (Okay, we bought a tank and four fish for $12. But she got to play a couple of games first.) It’s already turning into A Thing: Now we need food and a tank and fish gear. So it’s pretty much guaranteed that when these fish die, we’ll be getting new fish. It’s worth in in terms of the entertainment value: I do so love hearing the names my daughter comes up with. Meet Cupcake, Bubbles, Connor, and Princess Doughnut.




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