August (and everything after)

I find it hard to believe I’ve never used this blog post title before. The album was the soundtrack of a highly pivotal time in my life. But a blog search says no, so I’m using it.


August has historically been a time of reflection (oh, okay, and angst) for me. In August, I look hard at my life and identify lacks and gaps. I reminisce about the past, and think about people I used to know. I wallow.

Parenthood nipped that in the bud. Anya was born in August, so it’s really hard to get my nostalgia on when I spend pretty much the whole month celebrating the birth of my firstborn. Now she’s in school, so I have even less free time than ever. And this year in particular I have a lot of plates in the air.

It should prove to be an eventful few weeks.


Anya’s summer art class is wrapping up; she will have her first art show this week. Next week, she’ll start her fall class. I also signed her up for Girl Scouts, though I don’t know yet when that starts. She starts kindergarten next week.

I’m only beginning to grasp how my life will change this year. Last year was just practice; this is the real thing, schoolwise. Kidwise. She’s not my baby anymore. I look at her and see what she will look like at 10, 15, 20. It’s wonderful. And heartbreaking. I can’t wait to go through all the milestones with her. I wish I could reverse time and inhale her baby scent just one more time.


Not much reading this week. Unless you count WebMD. I discovered that my gyno now takes my insurance, so I made an appointment for my annual — this self-diagnosis stuff is for the birds. If the pain I’ve been having is just the result of crazy periods (72 days since my last cycle and counting), I’d like them to please give me the magic pill to start me so I can go on with my life.

If it’s not period related, I’m not sure what the problem is. There are several options. They’re all ugly. I’m tired of guessing; time to ask the experts.

I also have an eye appointment to get old people reading glasses; I might read more if I could see better.


Still trying to get caught up on Jane the Virgin. But I only get to watch on weekends right now, and I usually fall asleep after one episode. So it’s slow going.

Listening to:

I set up a family account on Spotify, so I can de-pop my recommendations. But we still listen to mostly Kidz Bop in the car, so my Spotify is confused. I wish there were a “I put this on for my kids” toggle switch.

Working on:

This month’s fitness challenge, started yesterday because I start things best on Sunday, is The Abs of August. Given the whole back pain thing…we’ll see how that goes.


I’m going to be starting a new workload in the next couple of weeks, as I will cease to be a fill-in editor and start editing my own newsletters, so my work schedule may also change. I’m looking forward to new challenges.

And, of course, Herself’s 6th birthday is in the offing. You’ll be hearing more about that as it draws near.

Making me happy:

My landlord had my house repainted. This weekend, we washed all the cars, and I hosed off the porch and put the toys away. I still need to work on the flower garden out front, but it’s looking so much better out there. Now to tackle the back of the house.


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