Ghosts of clothing past

Anya came into the kitchen wearing one of my favorite necklaces from my dress-up, office-working days.

“Why you have this necklace?” she asked

“I bought it to go with a suit I used to have. It was exactly this shade of blue.”

“But it too little for you now?”

No…actually, that suit would probably fit me perfectly now. It was huge on me when I bought it. “No. I just got rid of it. It was old. And my life doesn’t call much for suits these days.”

And that’s a good thing. But I do miss wearing pretty clothes. We took advantage of tax-free weekend to pick up some cute school clothes for Anya, but money’s too tight for me to feel good about buying clothes for me right now. Once Kai is older and less gooey (see this whole post), I shall make a point of acquiring more attractive clothing.


Kai is a whirlwind of emotional expression these days. Which means I have to watch that I don’t get bitten when he’s angry, and must intervene with his sister when he starts pounding on her. (Didn’t see that coming. He was such a serene baby.) But it also means that I hear “I you” (which means “I love you” in Kai) much more frequently, and often without provocation. I also get loads of squeezy baby hugs, which are my absolute favorite kind of hugs.


Last week’s favorite blog post award goes to this piece. Opened it for the clickbaity headline; stayed because the content surprised me. (And, if I am to be 100% honest, because the writing confused me at first. I had to read it a few times before I figured out what the author was driving at.) Makes a good point, despite the confusing style — a very timely point for me, at any rate.

I also enjoyed this post for the vivid throat-clearing image.

I can’t say I enjoyed this one, but I feel compelled to share it anyway. Perhaps because I am now middle aged, or because my parents are aging and unwell, or because I have small children and am thus inclined to take a big-picture view of the human experience, lately I’ve been thinking a lot about death. Not wishing for it; just ruminating on the topic. What it means to die. What it means to live. That sort of thing. Anyway, this Quora answer is beautifully written.


I’m trying to work in eps from last season that I missed because…well, because I don’t have cable, or even basic TV (and there are limits to what I can watch online.) But it’s been a busy week, so I haven’t gotten many shows in. Which is fine; I’d rather do stuff than watch stuff. I did catch the first few eps of last season’s Baby Daddy. Boy, that show is dumb. Makes it great to sleep to. I also got back into Jane the Virgin, and stayed up waaaaaaaaay too late as a result.

Listening to:

A lotta lotta Kidz Bop. I am amused by how very much Anya likes the songs from Thriller. I was just about her age when that album came out, and loved every second of it. All these years later, the tunes hold up. I’d always thought that calling him the King of Pop was hyperbole, but apparently not — how many albums can you point to that bridge generations like that?

Working on:

My mornings. Specifically, my morning meditation practice, my morning tidying routine, and breakfast. I feel like I’d have a much better handle on my day if I could refine those three things. If I meditate first thing in the morning (uninterrupted, as I was not this morning), I start and stay more calm throughout the day. If I begin the day with an empty sink and a made bed, I feel less stressed about the house in general. It’s just a matter of doing those things.

Breakfast is another matter entirely. I’ve found, through trial and error, that eating sweets makes me eat more, more junk, and more often. So sweet daily breakfasts are out. I’ve been all about the Cheerios, but even then I’m hitting the pantry every couple of hours. (Especially now that I work at the kitchen table.) It’s not the frequency of my eating that’s the problem — it’s what I eat. Snackity snack snack. This past week, I’ve been experimenting with lunch as breakfast: eating my go-to quick office lunch (raw almonds and a glass of V-8) in place of my usual breakfast fare. The down side to this option is that I’m retaining way more water than usual. The up side is I’m less snacky. Once I’m through this bottle of V-8, I’ll try a low-sodium alternative. Ideally, I’d like to get back to my 2-3 meals per day plus a snack; it’s a lot easier to get a balanced diet that way.

In this vein, I am so pleased to finally have a workable food tracker again. Before Anya (so you might as well say “in my other life”), I used MyPyramid Tracker religiously. I liked how it would adapt my nutritional needs based on my physical activity and give me a personalized list of requirements. (Except when I was pregnant and in the early stages of breastfeeding, I’ve never been one to eat 2000 calories in a day.) When I tried to revisit the tracker after Kai was born, they’d changed it — not for the better, either. Well, I just checked back, and it’s closer to my beloved tracker. It even syncs with my FitBit! I’ve found that I’m better able to get a handle on things I want to improve if I track them religiously. (Except, oddly enough, my attempts to quit smoking.) So as I work on eating a healthier diet, I will be checking in with the SuperTracker daily.


Anya’s birthday. Fireworks the day before (postponed from our rained-out 4th), a rainbow unicorn party, and a family putt-putt outing. Should be fun.

Making me happy:

My morning glories are growing! Now to get them into the ground.



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