Morning meditation

I’ve been working on my mornings. Instead of jumping right into email, I unload the dishwasher, drink tea, and meditate, then take a moment to update my goals and blog before starting work. I think of it as adjusting my oxygen mask: taking care of my stuff before dealing with everyone else’s. The practice is altering the face of my day; I’m less reactive, more thoughtful and deliberate. (At least until Unhappy Baby Hour — nap time — arrives.) I am also finding it easier to fit everything in this way; if I put everyone else first, my stuff never gets done.


Kai has begun to pick up books, flip through them, and gibber. My little reader. We’ve missed Library Time these past couple of weeks; I’m hoping to make it in this week.


I’m always looking for lists of things to do to live a better life. Most recently, I read this list. And it’s a great list. But I came away from it having learned nothing new. I know all that already, and am either doing it or not yet in a place where I can. I think I have a handle on the subject for now; all that’s left is the doing.

And I need to find a new topic to read about, I suppose. Move on to the next stage.


I just discovered that this past season of Jane the Virgin is now on Netflix, so I sense a binge in my near future.

Listening to:

I have found that taking the earbuds out and playing the Spotify Focus lists so that everyone can hear them helps keep babies and mommies calm. (Most of the time.) Peaceful Guitar is our choice this week.

Working on:

The garden, still. Stupid raccoon broke my bird feeder. But my plants are growing like crazy in this humid July weather. Beans soon!


It’s time to start thinking about Anya’s birthday. I already know what I’m getting her, but there’s still a party to plan. No Chuck E. Cheese this year, though. I’m still convinced that’s where last year’s Kid Plague started. I’ll just have to come up with some other fun activity for us.

Making me happy:

I am halfway through my jogging July, and have not missed a day. It’s getting easier, too, to jog for 10 minutes at a stretch. I think I’ll give it another month, then up the time to 15 minutes. I may yet become a jogger!


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