A Monday update!

It’s been a while. But I’m trying to get back into the MWF posting habit; bear with me while I blow the dust out of the cartridge here.


I’ve been that mom lately; I have given Kai free rein with Anya’s tablet when he wakes in the morning, so I can work without interruption. The other day, I heard him talking back to the tablet. I found him watching a kids’ tutorial on colors and learning to say them aloud. Anya just watches unboxing videos and user-made music videos. Perhaps I ought to install Duolingo on there — maybe he’d learn a foreign language! (And then could teach me; I’ve been seriously slacking on my own lessons.)


Nothing has come of it yet, but I am plotting.


I finally got around to watching Room, and sobbed my little eyes out. It was great, though, as was the book. On an emotional level, I found it harder to deal with the movie, of course, as I did not have children when I read the book. And I scared the crap out of Kai, who awoke from a nap to me bawling and could not figure out what was upsetting Mommy. Despite all that, I highly recommend the movie. And the book.

Listening to:

I am loving the focus playlists on Spotify. Music for Concentration is another favorite.

Working on:

Jogging in July is going well. Ten minutes is enough to break a sweat, but not enough to make me feel like I’m dying. Once I get 10 minutes down, I’ll go for 15. Eventually I’ll go running outside. Maybe.


I haven’t managed to get us to the splash park yet this year. Maybe this week.

Making me happy:

I started giving Anya an allowance to keep her room clean: $3 a week. And her room is cleaner, at least for now. She’s also gotten it in her head that I don’t want her to use the vacuum, so last night she vacuumed the whole house. I’m thinking I might forbid her to clean the tub next.


2 thoughts on “A Monday update!

  1. I love when Isla cleans, but it also makes me feel kinda bad. She’s usually better at it than me. I also love the MWF thing. I’m trying MWF plus 1 weekend day. I kinda like it.

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    1. My house used to be so clean. When I lived alone, that is. I used to wash the plastic tubs I store out-of-season clothes in twice a year. Now the carpet gets vacuumed when you can’t take a step without stepping on crumbs. Even though I banned eating in the carpeted rooms. So any help I can get is appreciated.


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