Monthly goals check-in: July

June is gone, and good riddance.

Actually, some good did come out of June. Not the least of which is that I met several of my 43 goals. Here’s where the list stands now:

Goals for My 43rd Year

1 Complete an ab month
2 Complete a meditation month
3 Complete 43 things in my 43rd year

4 Be able to run a mile
5 Meditate every day
6 Exercise 30 minutes per day
7 Cook a meal using ingredients I grew myself
8 Have family dinners 4+ nights a week
9 Discover 10 healthy meal recipes the kids will eat

10 Read to the kids for 20 minutes each day
11 Help Anya with her speech 5 minutes each day
12 Work with Kai on letters, numbers, and word sounds 5 minutes a day
13 Have art time with the kids once a week
14 Introduce my kids to the library
15 Start a family heirloom collection
16 Have a weekly family game night – We are not up to weekly, but Anya’s trying. Which means it will happen eventually.
17 Make time for R (a monthly date night would be ideal)
18 Resume monthly family outings
19 Get married
20 Have an awesome familymoon

21 Improve my home’s curb appeal
22 Clean out the garage
23 Tidy up the deck (and nag the landlord about getting it replaced) – I’ve extended this, to prettying up the entire back yard. More on that later.
24 Complete my 2017 scrapbook
25 Rip my CD collection and reclaim that shelf
26 Finish Anya’s blanket
27 Complete a Duolingo course
28 Put together photos for photo books

New Habits
29 Fine-tune our morning and bedtime routines
30 Refine and expand our recycling routine

31 Blog regularly
32 Finish my NaNoWriMo book
33 Create 10 drawings I’m proud of

34 Brush up on my ID/PS/IL skills
35 Identify and take classes that will help with my career
36 Piece together sufficient freelance work/obtain full-time employment
37 Stabilize my finances – Thanks to some parental help, progress has been made here, as well.
38 Put the same name on all of my credit cards
39 Put together a portfolio website

Foster Joy
40 Read one book a month
41 Grow flowers – They’re not blooming yet, but flowers are in the works.
42 Make time for friends
43 Have one do-nothing day per month

The Calm of June

It has not been a full 30 days (I’m writing this on Friday), but the habit of meditation has become so ingrained that Anya reminds me on nights when she thinks I’ve forgotten. So it’s a pretty safe bet we’re going to meditate tonight, too.

We all go to sleep much faster and easier for this practice. We do not always follow a strict meditation prompt; sometimes we merely listen to a meditative bedtime story. But even those guide the listener gently into meditation. And then into sleep, which we all so desperately need.

Ideally, I would like to work in a morning meditation session, just for myself. But some days my schedule does not allow for that — or so I tell myself. Consider that a project for another month.

Next up:

Jogging in July

No, not outside, silly. Well, maybe some days.

I’ve been working a lot of hours. When I say a lot, I mean I’ve been pulling 12- to 18-hour days more often than not. At my kitchen table, which is just terrible for…all of me. I’m eating like crap, I hurt all the time, and my outlook went straight down the crapper.

I need to move. But I don’t have time for 45 minutes of Pilates a day, you know? So I’m going to start small: 10 minutes a day of jogging, jumping rope, jumping jacks, playing frisbee, kicking the ball back and forth with my kid — something to get my heart pumping. Outside if the weather is agreeable; inside when it isn’t. (Which is pretty much always around here.) If it triggers my health tracker to track my activity as Sport, it counts, in or out.

I know this monthly challenge isn’t in my goal list. But Exercise Every Day is — and I like the way Jogging in July sounds better than The Abs of July. (I’m saving the abs for August, because alliteration is always awesome.)


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