The Daily List

As I write this, I am hiding from my children, eating a granola bar, and taking a short break from work to write yet another list. Perhaps I should change the name of my blog to something more accurate, like The Daily List. Only that would put pressure on me to write every day, and I’m trying to alleviate pressure rather than add to it.

Don’t worry about the kids. They’ll be fine It’s just a sibling thing. I’m getting a crash course in sibling things. I only intervene when bodily fluids (tears, blood, urine) enter the mix, or when the shrieking raises my blood pressure to stroke levels.

Anyway, my focus lately has been about simplifying my life. I know I ramble on about that a lot, but it’s a lifelong process. Stripping out the noise. Here’s where my attentions have been focused in the past week or so.

  1. Put the social back in social media. When I begin to feel as though I can’t keep up with my social media, it’s time to start unfollowing. If I like a lot of someone’s stuff and they don’t respond (by following me, by liking my stuff once in a while, by responding in some way if I comment on their posts), especially if they post a lot, I unfollow them. A certain amount of eye candy is okay (I will probably never unfollow Etsy on Instagram, for instance), but the point of social media is to be social, right? And that requires interaction. I understand a little one-sidedness; I certainly can’t respond to everyone who responds to every post I make. But if the interaction has become a one-way street, I’m out.
  2. Accept what I can and can’t deal with. Related to the item above, if someone does interact with me but clogs my feed with their posts, I unfollow. I accept that some people have more free time than I do, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But I’m on social media to keep up with people, plural, and I can’t do that if I have to scroll for five minutes past everything one person says.
  3. Tilt the picture. My son is expressing a greater interest in potty training. He tells me when he has a dirty diaper. Takes his wet diapers off. And occasionally asks to sit on the potty. But he never sits long enough to go. So I’m trying an experiment: I’ve placed the potty chair in the living room, to see if he’ll use it if he has free access. When one approach fails, try another. If I can get him to potty-train himself, that’s one less thing I have to worry about.
  4. Embrace the chaos. I’m a creature of habit, structure, order. Lists make my heart smile. (Obviously.) But I’ve got to stop falling apart when life gets a little out of hand. Right now I’m trying to come up with schedule for the new world order. And things have fallen apart in the process — most noticeably my eating habits. I went from eating three regular meals (and perhaps one snack) per day to eating nothing but snacks from morning til dinner. (Usually after dinner, I’m finally full.) It’s not such a bad thing, this constant eating; my rough calculations have me eating approximately 100 calories an hour, which adds up to about what I’d eat if I were eating meals. But granola bars are now a food group. However, I’m bringing it back under control. In the meantime, instead of flipping out, I’m embracing the change. And just making sure I stock up on healthyish granola bars until I get the work schedule plate spinning and return to regular mealtimes.
  5. Work with what I have. Not what I wish I had. Starting…now. I want there to be five items in this list, but right now I can only come up with four. Rather than strain myself to come up with a mediocre fifth item, I’m just going to end the post.



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