Things I have learned this week

  • I don’t need as much conditioner as I thought I did. In fact, I only need about a dime-sized amount. My hair looks, feels, and dries much better for this piece of knowledge, which makes my day go that little bit more smoothly.
  • Lemon curd, while delicious, has way too much egg in it for my touchy tummy. Which means that if I make that lemon cream cake again, I’m going to have to find another means of lemoning the cream part. (Didn’t stop me from having cake for lunch for three days straight. I just had to take an antacid afterwards.)
  • My son can say “ice cream.” And make pretend ice cream out of Play-Doh. And serve it to Mommy. And then really eat the Play-Doh after Mommy pretends to.
  • Working at a computer while sitting at a table in a wooden chair causes a tremendous amount of pain. I’m going to have to revamp my work setup for working while watching kids.
  • The Deep Focus playlist on Spotify does, in fact, help me focus. It helped me power through some 18-hour work sessions this week.
  • I may have to consider mobile data for my tablet, for freelancing purposes. Thanks for that lesson, Cindy. But at least it allows me to work on offline files while the power company deals with the downed lines, and mobile data on my phone lets me contact my clients and let them know I’m in the dark. Technology is cool like that.
  • I maybe learned more this week, but I’m too tired (and now running behind on things) to think of anything else right now.

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