I lied about the lists

I know I said no more list updates, but I have maybe 5 minutes before my son realizes I am no longer washing my hands and starts hollering for me. So here goes.

  1. Last Thursday, my mom found out she tested positive for TB. She does not have TB; she has a related illness called MAC. Which is not contagious, and offers a far better prognosis (“cure” is possible, even), so hooray for MAC.
  2. Unfortunately, we didn’t find out it wasn’t TB until after we’d tested the kids and I had a chest x-ray. (I was to have a TB test yesterday, and R…at some point. We’d not worked that out yet.) Bonus, though: the kids don’t have TB, my lungs are healthy, and we had a reasonably fun family outing (after the needle portion, of course).
  3. Mom is out of the hospital. On oxygen, still, and taking a cocktail of three antibiotics for the next 12-18 months, but she’s better than she was. (So yeah, she was in rough shape before.)
  4. R’s grandmother is dying, so he is off this week visiting her (and other friends and family). Our anniversary (a big one — 10 years this Thursday) will come and go before he gets back, so we celebrated last night. Because of Mom’s current condition, it was a kid date, but at least we had a date, right?
  5. And there’s Kai. Let’s see how long I have before he starts shrieking like a velociraptor.
  6. When R gets back, he’ll work one last weekend at his old job, then immediately start his new one. And in the meantime, I will be doing a lot of work after the kids go to sleep.
  7. Bedtime’s about to get real.
  8. Yesterday Anya had her first art class. Like, with actual art supplies, not Crayola washables. I’m beyond impressed with it, and the teacher, and Anya’s response to the class. And this was just one session. Quite excited to see what she’s producing by the end of July.
  9. Took the kids on their first library outing today. Anya now has her own library card. (And I have two.) We have nine (NINE!) new books to read. Both kids are participating in the summer reading challenge. And they discovered that libraries have play areas, and even got to play with some kids their age. It was a lot of fun, today.
  10. We didn’t go to the local library today. That’s on tomorrow’s list.
  11. Anya played very nicely with the other children. As did Kai. This is a far more comfortable alternative to the park.
  12. Kai, I learned, can do puzzles now.
  13. This afternoon I received an email that I did not, in fact, get a job I really, really wanted. I didn’t realize that I had convinced myself I was a near-perfect fit until I was told they picked someone else. Now my ego is in tatters on the floor.
  14. I’m trying very hard to convince myself to trust the universe, but secretly I’m thinking the universe doesn’t particularly give a crap about me.
  15. Because she could tell something was up, I told Anya I didn’t get the job. I figured she would be reassured, because she was worried about who would watch her while R and I worked. Instead, she comforted me.
  16. Then she went to get the ring she gave me the other day and insisted I put it on. It’s a silicone ring that says “SUPER.” So I collected myself, put it on, and am now trying very hard to live up to what it says.
  17. Tonight Anya starts t-ball. Not Blast Ball, where they swing and run to one base — actual mock baseball. She’s so excited. Which makes me excited, even though it’s blazing hot out there.
  18. Today we also picked up some supplies for a super-cool Father’s Day project. But that’s all I can say about that, because Daddy reads this blog. ;)
  19. Since I’m going to have all this time on my hands now (and also because I need there to be a bedtime), I’m going to work on getting them into Wii Fit. I mean, obviously we will go to the park, the botanic gardens, etc, when it isn’t miserably hot. But it’s June. Wii Fit lets them chase puppies in our air-conditioned living room.
  20. And there’s Kai again. More later.

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