Monday update on a Tuesday

List post because I have a lot going on: Anya is sick, Mom’s in the hospital again, and today’s agenda includes a full workload plus a job interview. And because I wanted to do this yesterday, but the copy/paste thing is annoying to attempt on my phone.


Kai talking. “Mommy?” he will say. Followed by a bunch of gibberish that lately includes increasing numbers of actual words. My favorite part is when he just takes me by the hand and leads me where he wants to go.


This very good article about how our kids teach us stuff about ourselves. I, too, have sensory processing issues. Until I had a daughter who also has them and started reading up on the topic, I assumed (as did everyone else) that I was just a gigantic pain in the…well, you know. Now that I see my own issues more clearly, it’s easier for me to take my daughter’s in stride.

The sibling rivalry will never not annoy me, though. There are eleven million toys in this house, child. Go play with a different one for five minutes.


Trying to catch up on my CW shows. I have had precious little viewing time lately, so I’m way behind.

Listening to:

Today, the space heater. I’m Distractomom, so TV/music is out. The space heater keeps me warm and blocks out my baby’s sleepy whimpers, reducing my urge to go rescue him from naptime. He needs to nap; I need to work. We can snuggle later.

Working on:

Editing. A little web work. An editing test (cross your fingers for me!). Plus the usual snuggling babies and doing the mom thing. Nothing major this week. Chaos is on the horizon, so for now I’m not taking on any more than I have to.


Anya starts art class and T-ball next week. She is so excited. And I can’t wait to see what she learns.

Making me happy:

Mimi is having a much better hospital stay this time around, and seems in good spirits. That’s a load off; I have been really worried about her. When she struggles to breathe, as she’s done more and more frequently, she reminds me of her father. It’s the only time she looks old to me. I’m not ready for her to be old. Not yet.


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