Hurriedly written with my thumbs before bedtime

I really meant to post before now, but today just didn’t go like that. It wasn’t an entirely bad day, just very busy.

Two things to note:

1. For 3-ingredient (4 if you count the cookies) ice cream, this stuff is pretty rad.


Especially when eaten from tiny cones.


2. Anya feels bad. Earache, intermittent fever…nothing horrible, but she is not 100%. She got weepy at bedtime and told me I wasn’t giving her enough attention, and that I should because she is sick. So we meditated, and cuddled, and read a story, and cuddled more. I apologized for not paying her enough attention, and told her that in the future, she could let me know when she needs a little extra TLC by using the code phrase “rainbow unicorn.” That appeased her; she is snoring peacefully next to me.

I have a full workload plus an important job interview tomorrow. This rainbow unicorn thing will almost certainly come back to bite me. Oh, well. What can ya do?


Snuggle down, go to sleep, and hope tomorrow is better for everyone, that’s what.


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