Putting one word in front of the other

What’s this? A Monday post? Surely not.

My wrist, aside from an angry, burn-like mark that neither I nor my doctor’s assistant can entirely explain, is pretty much back to normal. I still hurt a bit when I lift Kai, and I get twinges of pain when I work longer than 8 hours a day, but I’m doing way better than I was. So I thought I would try to resume my normal blogging schedule. Whatever that was.


Kai’s talking more and more. He can identify some body parts; if you prompt him with “A…” he says “B, C!” and if you say “1…” he will respond with “2, 3!” (Most of the time.) He also says his name, which is the cutest thing ever.


Anya’s summer “homework” includes the directive to read to her for 20 minutes every day. We haven’t made that so far, but we’re working on it.


I’ve watched all of the Jane the Virgins Netflix has to offer, and only lack a few eps of iZombie, Supernatural, and Riverdale to catch up on my CW shows. Honestly, after spending that week in bed, I’m a little tired of television. And after spending the better part of two months in a splint, I’m itching to create. I just have to take it slow, lest I reinjure myself.

Listening to:

I’ve been trying to find some walking meditation music — I’m hoping to start walking again, at least for a few weeks. Haven’t come up with much yet.

Working on:

I have been doing a little virtual painting on my tablet, and writing snippets of things that might turn into other things. Is that vague enough for you?


Anya is signed up for an art class this summer. Can’t wait to see what she creates.

Making me happy:

It would appear that everyone is mostly better. And with Anya’s school year wrapping up, I have hopes that this means we will stay better for a few months. Though I have probably jinxed us all by saying so.


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