Hopefully the last of the bullet lists posts

Posting a list not because I am still in a splint, but because I have a lot to say; otherwise this entry would turn into a novella.

  • I finally went to see the doctor about my wrist. He confirmed my suspicions (de Quervain’s), gave me a cortisone shot in my wrist (not as bad as I’d feared it would be), and I’m mostly back to normal now. I still have some residual pain, and still have no feeling in the back of my thumb, but I can function without a splint or pain meds.
  • Having said that, I’m not pushing myself, either. It may be a while before I resume working on my crocheted rope basket, and fine wire wrapping work is far off. I need these hands for lucrative tasks more than I need tactile creative outlets.
  • I’ve found a new creative outlet, anyway: Drawing, and sometimes painting, on my tablet. It’s got this great app that simulates the effect of several different drawing mediums, and I’m having loads of fun with it.
  • I had some blood tests that were pretty much inconclusive regarding my perimenopausal status. I could be PM. I could just be over 40. My hormones are decidedly out of whack, but it’s hard to say why just yet. The good news: My thyroid is fine.
  • We went on our first big trip with the kids and without my parents, attending the wedding of one of R’s friends. It went very well, for the most part; if I hadn’t been sick, it would have been a perfect trip. But we got to see the Nashville zoo, which is really gorgeous, and a little bit of downtown Nashville, which is gorgeous in a different way. There are a bunch of other things I want us to do in Nashville, but they are mostly indoor activities so I saved them for the familymoon.
  • Whatever the hell illness I had didn’t play around. When we got back from Nashville, I slept on the couch until bedtime. Then slept pretty much around the clock for the next two days. After which I spent the following two days in bed, napping and binge-watching Jane the Virgin with Kai. I’m feeling better now, but I lost 5 lbs in the process.
  • I’m now back down to what I weighed before I got pregnant with Anya. Which I was working towards, but I was looking to lose the weight a lot more slowly than I did.
  • All my underwear is now enormous. I went out yesterday and bought all new underwear. I’ve been looking forward to this moment for three years.
  • I need new bras, too; tomorrow I go bra shopping. And wedding shoe shopping. And pick up my birthday cake.
  • That’s right: Birthday #43 is this week! I was afraid we were all going to be too sick to do anything, but I think we can manage dinner and cake. Not sure what dinner is going to be, because I still can’t face pizza. But I ordered a Prozac cake from Muddy’s, so really, who cares about dinner?
  • As luck would have it, Anya’s field day at school is on my birthday. So I am taking the day off to go party with the little kids before I come home to party with the fam. Birthdays are more fun when you have kids — at least mine are.
  • I have not done much in the way of exercising due to the illness/splint/ongoing allergy issues. Soon it will be too hot to do outdoor exercise, so I’m thinking I will craft an indoor workout battle plan for June. Or maybe I’ll just give the ab challenge one more go. Either way, I need to clean my floor first.
  • The wedding is taking shape, in my head anyway. We have mostly sorted out the details, though we haven’t bought anything yet — I really need to clean this office before we buy any more stuff to store. The cardboard recycling pile is now taller than I am.
  • I finally got to have lunch with my friend Andrea, who has graciously agreed to be my grown-up bridesmaid. I don’t doubt that Anya can do everything, but I do feel the need to have another adult up there helping to wrangle the children. And with Mom still feeling rough, I’m not sure I can count on her to be well enough to do so in November.
  • After the wedding we attended in Nashville, Anya has informed me she wants to be the flower girl and the ring bearer in addition to her maid of honor duties. Kai, too, wants to be a flower boy. I had not planned on having anyone toss flowers, so now I have something else to consider in my plans.
  • Next steps: In addition to the aforementioned bra/shoe shopping and birthday partying, I need to apply for some jobs, edit a handful of articles, pay some bills, and other administrative/household things that have been languishing while I convalesced. I really need to get this recycling out of here. And then I suppose I need to be arranging a shopping date for my bridesmaids to get their dresses, booking the venue, and getting my dress cleaned and altered. Oh, and thinking about an anniversary date with R. our date nights keep getting postponed, but this is our tenth anniversary. We should at least get dinner and a movie.
  • So I’d best get going. More later…probably Friday.

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