My 150-character personal summary

I’m fascinated with the form of the tweet. Having to restrict what I want to say to 140 characters is a fun exercise that I find has helped my writing. But I find myself annoyed by recent job applications that, after asking me to upload my resume, link to my LinkedIn profile, then retype my resume into their silly form fields (I have a master’s degree, and you’re asking where I went to high school?), also expect me to summarize myself in 150 words or less. “Say something that will catch our eye!”


Fine. Whatever. I usually say something snarky about breastfeeding, because I’m applying for telecommuting jobs and because I’m pretty sure none of the other candidates are mentioning lactation in their applications. So that ought to help me stand out. It’s not getting me any jobs, but I’m memorable.

But I’ve also been rolling the concept over in my mind as a personal exercise. And, because I do so love the form of tweets, I am limiting my playtime to 150 characters instead of 150 words. Pare it down. Get to the heart of what I’m trying to say. (I do have a tech writing background, after all.)

Who knows? Maybe one of these exercises will give me something pithy to put in these stupid job applications. Better yet, maybe I’ll learn something about myself.

Anyway, here’s what I came up with today:

Rock stars do one thing brilliantly. I do a lot of things: some reasonably well, others badly. Rock stars shine, then burn out—or fizzle. I intend to plod, and falter, and endure.


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