The trouble with being a goal junkie

I have a lot of plates in the air right now, but I can’t really accomplish anything big at the moment.

The wedding: Is in November. I can decide on decor, pay for the venue, start planning the honeymoon, taste cake…but I can’t do anything clothing related, work on the decor, buy supplies, or do anything tangible because it’s 6 months away.

Hobbies, writing, most anything fun: Is on hold until I sort out this issue with my thumb. I’ve been drawing, because I can at least do that with one hand. I am not a good artist. But neither was Jeph Jacques when he got started, and look at him now. Practice is everything.

Exercise: Is on the back burner. The weather has been chaotic. The children have been sick. I have had my unwell moments.

The house: Ditto all of the above. Plus when I do finally get it looking good around here, I have a crazy work day/everyone gets sick and it all goes to hell.

The yard: Is raging out of control. The rain has done hellish things to my yard.

The thing is, I’m not doing nothing. I’m just not amassing an impressive list of checks on my to-do list, so I feel like a slacker. But I’ve gotten some things done this month.

  • I’ve decided and purchased (except for the shoes and jewelry) what I’m wearing for the wedding.
  • I’ve decided how I am wearing my hair for the wedding, and have makeup ideas.
  • I’ve settled on a wedding decor theme.
  • I’ve worked on the wedding invitations.
  • Anya and I have looked at bridesmaid dresses for her, and R and I have talked about clothes for him.
  • I can, thanks to the stomach virus + the soy-induced Dexter period, fit into my wedding dress again.
  • I can also fit into a bunch of my old clothes, and have sorted my closet accordingly, making several bags for donation in the process.
  • I also sorted the toys, and made several bags for donation.
  • I’ve picked up some extra freelance work.
  • I’ve taken my kids on several fun outings.
  • Despite the vomiting and the period, I gave the kids a fun Easter.

Not bad, I don’t think, for a month in which someone has been sick almost every single day and I’ve been dealing with heavier-than-usual workloads.




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