Updates for the beginning of April

The new splint is helpful, but a pain to type in, so this will be short.

  • The kids are on a prescription allergy medicine that I sincerely hope fixes their noses. Kai sneezed a green slime trail down my shirt while nursing the other day. Having children sometimes exceeds the expected grossness level.
  • After a couple of hours in the Botanic Gardens, my head is crying uncle. My soul craves nature walks. My sinuses crave air conditioning and HEPA filters. Damn you, spring, for being so beautiful yet so full of Allergy Death Dust.
  • I am currently using red hots concurrently with Sudafed (and Benadryl at night) to quell the pain. Sparingly, because they are red and I am allergic. And also because I found this article, which explains why they work so well — and why they irritate my tongue so much. Hurts so good…
  • I have rethought my approach to my goals, and have a lot to say on the matter. But…splint. So I will save it for a slower work day.

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