Updates for the end of March

Dr. Google, upon further inquiry, tells me my splint isn’t the right kind of splint. Which I’d kind of figured out for myself, but didn’t know what other types exist. I know now. And Amazon is sending me the right kind in a couple of days.

Which is good, because I am ready to be out of this thing. It’s scratching up my kid. And making my fingers swell so much that I can’t wear my new ring, which makes me sad.

I am currently adrift in a sea of work. Which, y’know, money. But also sunshine and pretty temps, so I am trying to strike a balance.

Also, my kids are sick. Anya has, we suspect, a virus, but both kids are suffering major allergy meltdowns. So my first instinct (to say f- work and go to the Dixon Gardens) is being tempered by the voice of reason. The one that doesn’t get much sleep because it spends the night sandwiched between two wheezing kids.

Sorry for the sporadic updates. This wrist pain is killer. And work has been crazy. I’ll write more when I hurt less…promise.

  • The play was a hit. Anya wants to perform now. I am trying to find her some singing/acting lessons.
  • The movie was also a hit. She can’t stop talking about Beauty and the Beast. I smell a yellow dress in the offing.
  • My garden is taking off. Now to see if I can keep it alive outside. Pics if I do.
  • My other projects are necessarily on hold until my thumb heals, but I did knock out some hanging plant holders. And then realized that where I have them hanging is probably too far from the sun. I like them, though, so I may put shade-friendly plants in the holders and move the herbs elsewhere. (Pics on those too, later.)
  • Kai is now old enough to be weighed on the standing scale. My internet is full of people having babies, and I am sad that I cannot be one of them.
  • I’m pretty sure I can’t be one of them. I mean, I did (FINALLY) have a period. An actual period, that required underwear armor. But aside from the cramps (which Motrin, btw, didn’t even begin to alleviate, because I am me), it was in no way one of my periods. It was only 3 days long, for starters. And required only minipads. So while I may not be menopausal, I think it’s safe to say I’m peri. Not the best time to be having babies.

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