All the work in half the time

Today’s entry will necessarily be short, as I am in a wrist splint. Some judicious Dr. Googling leads me to believe I have de Quervain’s tendinosis — Mommy Thumb. I am the right age, suffer repetitive hand and wrist stress by virtue of my occupation (which has been in overdrive this week, as you may have guessed from the title of this post), am female, and of course am a mother. Not a first-time mother, but still…if it quacks like a duck, it’s probably not a dog. Treatment involves the usual RICE, plus a splint, so I am trying that first. If that fails, I’ll go to the doctor.

  • Mom and I took Anya to see Beauty and the Beast last night. Gorgeous. Awesome, Anya says. We all loved it.
  • Also yesterday, my wedding set came in. I am in love with this little ring.IMG_20170323_130714_572
  • Tonight, we see Pinkalicious, The Musical. Anya’s first live performance. I hope it goes well.
  • I had hoped to go to the Dixon Gardens, or maybe the Botanic Garden, tomorrow, but it’s supposed to rain all day. So we will probably clean. I mean, I need to, but…
  • Next week is Anya’s spring break. Maybe we can squish in some fun then. But I already have a 29-pager in the hopper, and may have more work from other sources. Mo’ money. Less free time.
  • At the very least, I will get my hair cut, and R and I will have our engagement pics taken. Sans children. Maybe even have lunch. A date! As I live and breathe.

But for right now, I have a 34-page article and a wheezing kid, so…off I go.


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