A chilly, damp Wednesday

Though I know better, I started my day off with a round of news. I should never do that. Now I’m sad and scared and sick to my stomach. Meditation is a far better start to my day. I can’t deal with the tragedy of the human existence properly without at least three cups of tea under my belt.

There are always bright spots, though, right? So here’s a few:

  • Anya’s cast is off, and her arm is healed. She will be stiff and sore for a few days (theoretically), but she’s on the mend. And ready to do cartwheels, if only she knew how. (Nobody teach her how, please.)
  • She didn’t throw up last night. How’s that for a milestone? She did wake from a nightmare and join us in bed, but sans vomiting. I’m hoping that means her new allergy medicine works. Poor kid.
  • I am going to push to get our container garden together after work today. We have a new container — looks like a huge canvas drawer, only supposedly more durable. Bigger, lighter than the previous tubs, and supposedly better for the plants. We’ll see how it handles Midsouth summers.
  • I’m trying to pull off engagement pictures next week. Because R and I haven’t had many photos taken of us, and we deserve a little love, too. It’s all very short notice, though, so it may not happen. But I have hope.
  • My wedding rings should be arriving soon (maybe even tomorrow), and I’m about to order R’s. One step closer…

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