Another week down

I am writing this on Thursday, and could post it today, but I like the symmetry of at least keeping up with these structured posts. Wish I, y’know, had more to say. It’s been one of those weeks.


Work. I have sworn off of applying for any job that does not explicitly say it is remote. Which doesn’t leave much. I have a few irons out there, but…well. So I am doing more research into grad school. Whatever my faults are, I am smart and stubborn; if this field doesn’t pan out for me in the way I need it to right now, I’ll just go learn another.

Health. Truth: I have not been keeping up with my ab exercises. My face hurts too bad. But I don’t feel bad enough to fill my antibiotics prescription; our bout with C. diff has made me paranoid about taking antibiotics, so I have to be miserable to take them.

Sudafed was helping, but the hoops you have to jump through to get it almost make it more trouble than it’s worth. I’ll buy some when my sinuses swell shut, but that’s it. And while I do lean on Benadryl at the height of my allergies, I hate taking it; it makes me groggy and cranky and have weird dreams. I have to feel really, really bad to take that stuff.

I don’t feel really bad. Just not well enough to do 15 minutes of ab exercises a day. I have done some, though. And some planks. And there’s always next week.

Organization. I noticed as I was dressing Anya today that her pajamas (it’s pajama day) are too short. Time to purge her closet again. And the toys need it, too.

Creativity. The other day, I asked Anya if she would like to take an art class (I got an email from Parks and Rec about one). She said no; she wants to take a singing class.

Lightbulb. Singing would be a great way to help her work on her speech. The problem is that I can’t find a voice teacher who works with kids her age, and certainly not kids with her issues.

I used to sing, though. Before we moved here and my allergies raged out of control. I adored singing. Wanted to be a musician when I grew up. Now, I don’t know if she would consider working with me as “real” singing lessons; she does seem to respond better to instruction from anyone but me. However, I have the internet, and a keyboard, and a love of the material. Perhaps we can do some work ourselves while we wait for her to age into the music lesson system.

Fun. I have been putting more effort into one-on-one time with the kids (which is why I have slacked in my blogging). I feel like the kids have been getting short shrift lately, and have been trying to make it up to them. Nothing special — just reading and playing and silliness. Because that’s really what kids want: my undivided attention.


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