I could use a little boring

Well, that was an eventful week. It started, as I mentioned, with Dad’s appendix bursting. He is not quite back on his feet yet; Mom is in fact taking him to the doctor today to make sure he’s not suffering a setback. Meanwhile, she has been in withdrawal from Toprol, which her doctor took her off of while he reevaluates her condition. She’s given us a few scares as her body adapts to life without the drug, but so far is hanging in there. (She was supposed to have a stress test tomorrow, but has rescheduled it due to Dad’s malingering.)

Then there’s my household. Kai had an allergic reaction to his amoxicillin, and was covered in hives for three days. I’m not sure which was worse — him on Benadryl, or him off Benadryl. (Two is not the best age to discover drug allergies.) He’s just about worked it all out of his system, but has been power nursing and sleep boycotting, and I am so sore I don’t even want air to touch me.

Then Friday, Anya broke her elbow. Poor kid’s in a cast nearly up to her armpit. Her right arm, too. She cannot dress, bathe, or wipe herself, and has trouble eating anything that requires utensils. We had to go out yesterday and buy her shirts and hoodies that would fit over her cast, as it’s going to be a little too chilly this week for t-shirts.

On top of it all, my sinus crud has turned into an infection. I am not miserable, but nor am I dancing around the living room.

The positives:

  • I did my ab exercises all week last week, though I missed both days this past weekend.
  • R got his tax refund already (where is mine, Mr. Tax Man? I filed first!), so I was able to order my wedding set.
  • We have hammered out a few more wedding details, though we have not reserved anything yet.
  • I have been steadily purging and organizing: The spice racks are in fine shape now, and I’ve gotten rid of several too-small articles of kid clothing and a handful of baby dishes we’re no longer using.
  • R had an unexpected day off of work on Saturday. And the weather was absolutely beautiful. So after Anya and I left the orthopedist’s, we grabbed the boys and headed to the zoo. We had a wonderful time. We don’t often get to go on outings like that these days, so I feel like we have to take advantage of such opportunities as they arise.


My wall of hearts went over so well that I decided to do a similar project for St. Patty’s day. I printed out shamrocks on green construction paper, and Anya and I wrote things we feel lucky to have on them. (I wrote hers, of course.) Kai even chimed in on a few, in his little toddler way. The thing that surprised me the most is that Anya didn’t mention a single toy. (Well, she and Kai did mention the swingset in my parents’ backyard.) She feels lucky to have her family, her school, her garden. Not her toys, her clothes, her tablet…none of that came to mind. I can’t say I’d have given the same answers at her age. She really is a special girl.

The picture in the middle was Anya’s contribution. Since I would not let her write, draw, color, or cut anything, she resigned herself to making a mosaic of my construction paper scraps.


I ordered a couple of fantastic books from Carrie Clark that I cannot say enough good things about. These e-books come with worksheets and flashcards that have transformed our speech therapy practice. Anya has gone from being sullen and argumentative to eager, active participation in our speech practice sessions, and has made tremendous progress — in one week! I’m even using some of the beginner flashcards with Kai, to help him learn to talk. I highly recommend Carrie’s site, and especially her books, for anyone dealing with kids with speech issues.


Trying to get back to Under the Dome. I’ve simply been too worn out to watch much TV this week.

Listening to:

Anya got into my Spotify and listened to an alarming assortment of things. I’m sure my Discover Weekly playlist will be full of bubblegum pop now. I need to set her up with her own account.

Working on:

Today I am playing with wedding invitation designs. I know I should be cleaning the house, but pfft.


Birthday goodness. Even though it will have to be a spread-out celebration, as R works on his and Kai’s birthday. We’ll have one party with him, and I’ll schedule some fun with Kai for the actual day. Hopefully everyone is feeling better by then!

Making me happy:

My little garden is trucking along. Hopefully this week we’ll get the veggies in the container garden.


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