Adjust my oxygen mask

As we close out February and look ahead to March, I’m taking a moment to adjust my own mask before helping others with theirs. Getting my thoughts in order, in other words. This is something I need to start doing more often. I think I’d breathe easier if I did.

Yesterday, my father’s appendix ruptured. He’s okay now; they removed his appendix (and fixed a hernia while they were in there), and he’s feeling much better today. But obviously my Monday update didn’t happen.

My son has suddenly become violently opposed to car seats.


He cannot be bargained with. He cannot be reasoned with. He can only be manhandled into the seat and strapped down while he punches, kicks, and screams, which makes me feel like a complete shit. Which is why I was at my parents’ yesterday when Dad asked Mom to call the ambulance; I had to ask her to watch Kai so I could take Anya to school, because otherwise she was going to be late. When I got home, I chatted with Mom for a bit before starting my day. Which didn’t actually start, because hospital.

That puts the burden of closing out February and starting March on a single day: Today. Which is fine; I don’t have a lot going on today anyway.

This month, as I’ve mentioned (somewhere), I’m doing the Abs of March: 100 jackknives and 180 seconds of planking every day. I actually started this Sunday, because I start goals better on a Sunday. I think I’ll save my updates on this goal for the weekly update, though, lest this blog devolve into me whining about my abs.

I am also doing a clutter purge, akin to the one I undertook in October. Again, I started this Sunday. Thus far, I’ve gotten rid of the baby spoons and forks, some ratty socks, and two trash bags full of expired food. Today I hope to work on the spice cabinet.Once I get a handle on the food we have, I’m going to reattempt meal planning…again.

I’m kicking some other ideas around, as well, but I’ll save those for another post. Right now I need to put together March’s calendar and clear off my desk.

And, well, do today’s jackknives. Wish me luck.


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