Spring approaches

The groundhog may have felt differently, but I see spring. In the air, in the plants and trees, in the frisky birds and the restless children. In the ants that have suddenly invaded my kitchen, office, and bathroom. In the glow of the sunset light, which comes later each day. Spring’s not here yet, but it’s coming.


Friday, Anya awoke in a good mood. She was loving, patient, cheerful, and kind. All together pleasant. I had suffered insomnia the night before, and was crabby and surly and impatient. But that’s no excuse, because she woke at 3 a.m. with diarrhea, and was still lovely at 7. I need to be more like my kid.


Cars and Trucks and Things That Go.


Under the Dome and Supernatural. Getting caught up on both.

Listening to:

I tried to shake things up a bit with some Goo Goo Dolls. Anya still likes them — the older, more metal/punk stuff, not the love songs (yuck, Mom!). Kai still prefers soft indie, though he will jam to We Are the Normal. Finally, Anya told me to put Matt Nathanson back on.

Working on:

Planning a wedding. Or planning to plan a wedding. Okay, so all I’m doing is pinning things on Pinterest. But by the time I have the money to do anything, it’ll all be decided.


Birthdayfest 2017.

Making me happy:

Kai’s lovely little personality. Yeah, he’s nearly 2, in every sense. He has a little bruise in the middle of his forehead because he bangs his head on the baby gate when he’s mad. But he’s also silly and sweet and playful. Just an awesome little dude.


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