Yet another reminder that I’m a mom

I’m kind of at a crossroads right now. Not just because kid illness has derailed yet another week, but also because I’m beginning to accept that this is not an intermittent thing, or even a temporary one. This is my life now. And I need to find a way to live with that, and to thrive despite of it.

Mama needs some me time. Not a girls’ night out, not a weekend at the spa, not even a week-long vacation — regularly scheduled time to take care of myself. But how?


Work. One thing I’ve learned from this month’s experiment: When you get rejected for a job you really, really want, it hurts more.

Health. Operation Bleach All The Things is due to commence. If, that is, I don’t start hurking up my socks. (I’ve been kind of waiting on that, actually.)

Social. I am not entirely at fault for my lack of action here. At the moment, I am antisocial because at any given moment I am likely to be positively marinated in kid germs. My hermiting is a public service, really.

Diet. I have good days. And that’s all I have to say on the subject.



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