At least there is chocolate

Late post. Also bound to be a short one, as I’m dashing it off in between editing articles, and I should have already started dinner. So it goes.

Sunday night, Anya came down with the stomach flu. Barfed all over the sheets (really, just the most puke I’ve ever seen in one place from a single person) before I could even react. Luckily, I managed to get us cleaned up and spare sheets on the bed without too much bother, which led to me adding two more things to my adulting list:

  • Always have spare sheets and bedspread/blanket for each bed. Spare pillows are also nice.
  • Always have a spare vinyl shower curtain (or other waterproof covering) to put under those sheets.

And to think I almost put that shower curtain in the shower and tossed the current one. Plus one for my inner hoarder.

I spent yesterday doing laundry. Literally. It took four times through the wash to clean those sheets. And then there was the mattress cover, the pillows, the washcloths, and the bedspread.

Today she is better (well, still has a smidge of diarrhea), but still has a double ear infection. So she’s on an antibiotic, which hopefully won’t give her another round of C. diff. I am never going to fully trust antibiotics again, I can tell. This chapter of my life has been far too poopy for that.

Also today, I got yet another job application rejection email. Only I really  wanted this job, so I’m extremely bummed about it.

So I came home and ate a cookie and some chocolates for lunch. Because sometimes you have to do things like that.

I don’t know why the frosting came out gray. It’s purple. More on these cookies in another post.

Giving the kids (and R, of course) their presents helped, at least.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then I had a dentist appointment to discuss fixing my teeth. I’ve wanted to do this for a while now, but never had the money. My dad finally offered to pay for it (love him), so I’m getting started. First we’ll whiten, then we’ll start replacing my crumbling dental work. I feel pretty good about it. For once.

So this week started badly (to put it mildly), but is slowly looking up. May it continue in that direction.


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