Dust yourself off and start over

Okay, February. Let’s try this again.With maybe a little less sinus congestion this week, please?

And yes, I accidentally published this first on Thursday when it was meant to go up today. See, I really am impaired on Sudafed.


The constant stream of celebrations we’re having this year. This week, it’s all about Valentine’s Day, of course. After this, it’s St. Patrick’s Day and the boys’ birthday. Then Easter. Earth Day. And so forth. The only month we don’t have something to celebrate is September, but that’s fair season anyway. I love always having something to look forward to.


Subtitles. I’ve been too dumb for much else this past week.


Under the Dome. I read the book right after having a miscarriage the month before Anya was conceived. Devoured it, really, even though we were also on vacation in DC at the time. I was, understandably, desperately in need of distraction. Anyway, it’s an excellent book, though I wasn’t crazy about how it ended. However, the associations I had with it meant I wasn’t overly eager to dive into the show. Now that I’m in it, though, I’m quite enjoying it. This is the stuff King does best, in my opinion: Everyday people in extraordinary situations.

Listening to:

Everybody Knows” by The Roosevelts. Definitely Anti-Maudlin List material.

Working on:

Getting back into the swing of things.


Anya and Daddy’s first Daddy-Daughter Dance this Saturday.

Making me happy:

Kai’s trying so hard to talk to me these days. When I ask him a question, he almost always tries to answer. Soon, he will be a jabberbox like his sister. And they will drive me crazy. But not really.


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