An unintended vacation

I’ve basically taken the week off from my morning goal. Two solid days of Sudafed plus Benadryl have me breathing easier, but I still feel it in my face if I bend over. I have a 20-page article to edit in my to-do bin, and an entire house to clean before the home visit from Anya’s school tomorrow. Yoga, meditation, breakfast, yadda yadda…not happening.

And that’s okay.

Instead of feeling like a failure, or taking this as a setback, I will remind myself that the reason I make things like this a monthly goal is because they take practice. If it were just a matter of doing it once, my goal would be met in a day. But I’m trying to adopt new habits, and those take work. Also, it’s not like this is a one-time thing; I’m going to get sick. I will not be able to do every bit of that routine every day of my life; to expect that would be unreasonable. I simply want to get to the point where those habits are ingrained. The fact that I feel guilty is a good sign that progress has been made.


Work. I’ve applied for a few jobs that look promising. Nothing full time, sadly. But hey, even part time would help right now.

Health. I have a head full of gunk. That’s not a good companion to yoga.

Organization. Kai finally defeated the child locks on the TV stand, so we pulled out the last of our items (hand weights and game controllers) and gave those storage compartments to him. Now I need to figure out where we’re going to put all that stuff.

Creativity. I discovered a program on my tablet that allows you to “paint” — with real paint effects, including play time while the paint “dries.” This is gonna be fun.

Diet. I’ve been groggy from lack of sleep/lack of oxygen/a one-two punch of Sudafed and Benadryl, so my eating has been out of control.

Fun. I’ve been compiling ideas for my 43 Things goal…more on that in a later post.


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