Eternal sunshine of the Sudafed mind

Turns out I am not sick; I’m simply suffering an epic allergy attack. (Epic = I had a minor panic attack yesterday because I could not breathe through my nose — not because I’m that congested, but because my sinuses are so swollen. I apparently have a phobia about suffocation that I wasn’t previously aware of.) So today I am functioning only thanks to the effective, if brain dulling, affects of Sudafed and Benadryl: The lights are on in an empty house. But at least I can breathe, right?


Naturally, today I get my first work assignment of the week — a 20-page manuscript.

Since I have not one intelligent thought to spare, I thought I’d share someone else’s: These 11 Rules Will Change Your Life Forever. Excellent article. I could have written it myself…but of course I did not. Maybe I’ll write my own take on it sometime.

Just not today.


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