Finding our words

We had a parent-teacher conference with Anya’s teacher last week. She’s falling behind a bit, which is to be expected considering she has missed nearly half of the school year. So I am redoubling my efforts to help her at home. (This is made much easier now that I have the instructions to her speech therapy folder; apparently that got left out the first time around.)

I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that kindergarten now comes with prereqs other than being potty trained. That we even had to have the discussion of whether to hold Anya back in pre-K. When I went to pre-K, we danced and sang songs and pasted pictures on construction paper. We learned not to hit, to share toys, to not eat paste. Kindergarten was more of the same. Nobody expected us to learn anything until first grade. I don’t understand why we’re pushing them so hard at such a young age.


Kai is talking so much these days. He chimes in when I work with Anya on her speech. And the other day, I let him play with her intro to spelling book, which has magnetic letter blocks that you have to match up to outlines on the page. He didn’t get the letters perfectly aligned within the outlines, but he did place them close enough to tell that he can identify and match them without my help. I suspect he is going to talk *and* read early.


Flash cards and spelling books. Also this article, which is very good: Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Anya was born with hers. Her father had similar issues in early childhood. And neither of them are remotely autistic. They just get a little mixed up when it comes to letters.


Catching up on Bates Motel. I can’t get over how well cast this show is.

Listening to:

Kai and I have been grooving to “Better When I’m Dancin‘.” Having children really broadens your musical horizons. I have an appreciation for pop I haven’t felt since I was 14 and dressed in pink every single day.

Working on:

Right now my focus is small: Getting my mornings down, and helping Anya with her speech therapy.


Valentine’s Day should be fun. We’re making sugar cookies and heart-shaped pasta. I need to come up with some crafts, too, like we did for Chinese New Year.

Making me happy:

I cut out a bunch of construction paper hearts and wrote one thing I love about each kid on them. Every day from now until Valentine’s Day, I’m letting them pick one out; I then read it to them before taping it to the pantry door. I thought it would just be a fun Advent calendar sort of thing, but Anya seems genuinely touched to hear the things I love about her. And Kai smiles when I read his. Love these kids.


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