So it’s sort of social…demented and sad, but social, right?

Happy Groundhog Day! I sense I’ve complained about the topic of today’s post before. Possibly in these exact words. Welcome to the Mystery Spot, SPNFamily.


This is me on social media these days:


Part of me really wants to walk away from Facebook for at least a week. (Month, year, life…) But every time I get to the point where I decide I’m really going to do it, something happens to pull me back in.

Friends. I have friends there. And they’re helping me get through this wreck of a year.

In the course of my typical day, I don’t see anyone I am not related to. I am generally okay with this, but sometimes I need support from outside sources. I need to hear that someone else is feeling what I’m feeling. Not even that they’re there to listen to me, because 99% of the time I’d never take them up on that. Just that I am not alone in my drifting.

And sometimes I just need to step outside of my head and look at some cute pictures of babies or animals. The same reason we all use Facebook.

I continue to miss 43 Things, though. Now that was social media at its finest. A group of people committed to growing and doing and becoming. That’s my kind of social network. I will never not be doing 43 things.


3 thoughts on “So it’s sort of social…demented and sad, but social, right?

  1. I have also tried to make the break from Facebook, but I have been unsuccessful. I go to check it quickly, and an hour later I’m still there. It is valuable for keeping contact with friends and family, but there is so much political drama, and people are so easily offended.

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    1. I find myself unfollowing so many people lately (and, in one instance, unfriending an acquaintance whose husband kept leaving snide remarks on my posts). I hate being that way, because now my feed is just a bunch of people who think just like me, and that’s no way to go through life. But for the time being, it’s the only way I can deal with Facebook. And even then I can only handle it in small doses.


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