It’s a good thing they are cute

This morning, my son got me up at 3. I didn’t really get any more sleep after that.

This morning, my daughter was too sick to go to school. But not THAT sick. Well enough to drive me absolutely bonkers all. day. long. Fifteen solid hours of petulance and rebellion and a barrage of questions and roughhousing with her brother that sent them both into coughing fits. Nonfreakingstop.

This morning, my son reached through the baby gate, grabbed a tissue, and blew a wad of green mucus into it. Because of course he caught Anya’s cold.

This morning, I was slapped and kicked and headbutted. A lot. In return, I shouted. A lot, I am ashamed to admit. I don’t have an abundance of patience at 5 a.m.

Toys were thrown, and I threatened to take them away from the throwers.

Kai peed on the floor. Twice. Also in the shower.

He pooped on the carpet, too. And played in it.

He washed his hair with a smores PopTart. And drew a green goatee on himself with washable markers, but that was cute.

Anya peed in the potty chair, while ostensibly showing Kai how to use it. It was not the first mess she made for me to clean up today, or the last.

To be fair, she did help clean some of the messes. But the potty chair was all mine.

Possibly because this oncoming cold has had Kai power nursing, my nipples are so sore I want to cry every time air hits them.

I have also been absolutely starving every waking minute, and feel sluggish and bloated and gross from all this eating.

So no, today was not a great day. Wasn’t awful, either. We had snuggles. Made art. Giggled together. But on the whole? Not our best day.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.


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