Happy (Lunar) New Year!

A few glitches aside (cleaning the whole house and decorating and cooking dinner and dressing up in a party dress while also being sole kid wrangler, Kai being in übercling mode, Anya abruptly coming down with a cold), our Chinese New Year celebration was a success. Anya’s still talking about our “fancy dinner.” And doesn’t understand why we can’t have paper lanterns up all the time.

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She’s got me there. I’ve amended my vision of our wedding decor to include them, in fact. Those things are cooler than I imagined.


The other day, R and Kai came in to Anya’s room while I was cleaning, with Matt Nathanson blaring. Kai started to headbang to the music. R told him it wasn’t headbanging music. Kai headbanged at him in reply. Anya is in love with “Adrenaline,” but Kai is just a huge Matt Nathanson fan. And it is adorable.


This heartbreaking, eye-opening article on how we as a society deal with the deaths of homeless people. The most shocking portion of this article to me wasn’t learning that potter’s fields — something I’ve only before read about in Dickens-era stories — still exist. It was the realization that some of the unclaimed deceased homeless are children. I can be really naive at times, I guess. And I am having an even harder time sleeping at night now.


Kai has discovered this utterly charming show on Netflix: Lily’s Driftwood Bay. After spending an entire day cleaning what at times feels like a three-bedroom toy box, it’s refreshing to watch an adorable animated girl create worlds and stories using nothing more than found items that wash up on her beach.

Listening to:

I have “Room @the End of the World” stuck in my head these days.

Working on:

Today I’m immersed in wedding plans. I’ve set a (tentative, in-my-head) date, which is not only in the season we’d been shooting for but also has significance to us as a couple, and am now Pinteresting the hell out of it. Instead of the generic, folksy (but also charming and lovely) ideas I’d originally selected, I am now creating a wish list of things that have meaning to us. (Because let’s be honest…we’re not exactly folksy.)

This is one of the perks of having been married before. Last time I was all caught up in what I was supposed to be doing. Who I had to invite and what everyone had to wear and what color everything needed to be. This time? There likely won’t be any party favors on the tables. Hell, there may not even be tables. Instead, I want to focus on creating a party that not only celebrates us as a couple, but also resembles us as a couple — as a family. Because we’re not merely a couple anymore.


Valentine’s Day. And on its heels, Anya’s first daddy-daughter dance.

Making me happy:

This morning, Kai stood at the window for 15 minutes, watching birds and giggling delightedly. Must refill the bird feeders soon.


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