More doing of ish

Once again, I’m writing posts in my  head that I’m too busy to type up. Maybe next week.


Work. Applying. Working. Not doing as much of either as I’d like, but I have hope that this will turn around soon.

Health. I’m getting my teeth fixed. And my teeth are not as bad as I had feared; two are broken, but the rest are merely stained. That’s a relief!

Organization. I have (for the moment) tamed my office and cleaned Anya’s room. Hopefully today will see order brought to my bedroom, the laundry room, and the linen closet.

Energy. I was a big whiny baby all day yesterday because I only got 3 cups of green tea and I needed 4. Gotta work on my addiction.

Creativity. I treated myself yesterday; bought a big box of colored pencils. I’m really itching to draw these days.

Diet. Um. Well, I just chased second breakfast with nine Hershey’s chocolate truffle kisses. So some days I do better than others.

Fun. I am thinking about which goals I would like to achieve this year. I mean, I have amorphous goals (be more artistic, get more involved in my community), but I need something tangible. Something I can look back on in December and say “Done” or “Not Done Yet.” I am also looking ahead to the wedding; right now I’m trying to budget for our rings. (And figure out how I can tighten up my torso so that I can zip my dress this fall.)


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