Going and doing and getting ish done

Much going on this week. Yesterday I spent the day with my mom. We were at the dentist’s all morning; now that I have finally quit doing all of the things that stain teeth, Mom and Dad are paying to have my stained fillings replaced (and the broken teeth capped, because I haven’t had a nightguard since I left my last one in a hotel room during a business trip when Anya was a baby, so of course I’ve broken a couple of teeth). I will also be getting a new nightguard so I don’t break any more teeth. I have to admit, I’m pretty excited at the prospect of having pretty teeth again. And a new nightguard.

Mom and I hung out the rest of the day, just shopping and talking like we did before the kids came along. Which was also nice. Don’t get me wrong — I missed the little boogers. But I also like to have grown-up conversations once in a while, and eat without holding on to another person’s plate so they don’t throw it Frisbee style at some unsuspecting diner.

Today I have a wheelbarrow full of work ahead of me. Again, nice. Money is always welcome, y’know? And I am only hyperventilating a little at the prospect of it all being due today.

Tomorrow, unless I have more work come in, I will Organize The Things. I ordered a cube storage unit to replace the broken particleboard dresser in my closet, and it came in yesterday. The cubes themselves are due to come in tomorrow. So I will be assembling and sorting and folding and organizing. I love it. I also ordered (and have received) some fabric drawers that I’ve placed atop the cabinets over the washer and dryer. It is my intention to put out-of-season decorations in those bins, so that they are accessible yet out of my way. Once all that’s done, I will organize the clothes I can’t wear right now and the linen closet. And then I will be done organizing…until I work up the mojo to go through my daughter’s crap again. (I have to do so on a semiregular basis because she has a tendency to stuff everything in bins when I make her clean her room — clothes, silverware, used tissues, everything.)

This is my idea of a good time. I really need to work on more interesting hobbies.

Saturday is our Chinese New Year celebration. I have paper lanterns, party poppers, kid crafts, veggie potstickers, the ingredients for fried rice, even some fortune cookies. And some pocky; while it’s not exactly authentic, the store I was in had flavors we have not tried yet. (And fortune cookies taste like sticky cardboard.) Should be fun.

Starting Sunday, I’m hoping to double down on my resolutions. I’ve been cleaning and clearing and streamlining. I have the house-cleaning plate, the kid-school plate, and the healthy-meal plates spinning. Now I just need to work in the exercise plate and the work plate.

Oh, and the regular-blogging plate. Of course.


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