Nolite te bastardes carborundorum

I really, really wanted to participate in the Women’s March this past weekend. But the kids were sick, so I had to sit this one out. I loved keeping up with it on social media, though. And I can’t wait to see what we do next. Because I do not believe this is over. Not even close.


Kai answers questions now. I can ask him if he wants peas, for instance, and he will shake his head no — and even say “no.” (He is tired of peas. We do eat them a lot. They are my favorite vegetable.) I used to have to show him the peas and say “Want this?” in order to get a response. Not anymore. Also, he says “okay.” If I say “Please don’t throw your peas on the floor,” he says “okay.” (And then, miraculously, does not throw his peas on the floor.) My baby communicates.


I learned about the 40-year house in one of my freelance editing assignments, and immediately had to go read up on it. Interesting stuff.


While I wait for my shows to pick up steam again, I’ve been watching Raising Hope. It’s cute. And I am enjoying the tie-ins to My Name Is Earl. I also really liked this past week’s episodes of The Good Place and This Is Us (though I bawled my damn eyes out at the latter).

Listening to:

A distinct departure from what I’ve been listening to: Americano, by Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers.

Working on:

Clearing, cleaning, straightening, organizing. Preparing for the creative streak I feel coming on.


The decorations I ordered for Chinese New Year came in. Now I just need us to get well enough to go to Whole Foods and grab some grub for the celebration.

Making me happy:

Working in a clean office. It’s lovely.


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