My own personal Do-Over Day

I saw a post recently (I forget where) that claimed every day is New Year’s Day. Rather, there’s nothing really significant about January 1 as Do-Over Day, except the significance that we place upon it. That each day is another chance to do better. I like that approach. But I also like the significance of a clean slate, a fresh start.

Robert Fulghum once said that as a former teacher, he felt the new year coincided with the beginning of the school year. I can see that. I’ve long been aware of my tendency to grow nostalgic and introspective in August; it feels like a clearing out of the old in order to make way for the new.

However, if I were to set my own personal New Year’s Day, I would pick the vernal equinox. My issue with starting the new year in January is that nothing feels especially new. It’s still cold and dreary outside in January. I’m still very much in hygge mode. And to top it off, everyone’s usually sick. (Our pollen triggers are largely trees, and in our area, those are usually shedding mating dust well before the first day of spring.) It’s hard to jump in and make life changes under those circumstances.

But spring is a different story. The weather is warmer, the air rosier. Everything feels new. And in my house, everyone is usually well or nearly well. It’s the perfect time to start eating better, fresher food; stepping outside for some exercise, and doing a nice spring clean of the house in preparation for the year to come.

It occurs to me that there is no law stating resolutions must start in January. So consider this my running start. If I find myself at spring without having achieved some of these goals, well, I’ll just have to re-evaluate my approach and modify my tactics. Declare a do-over.


Work. Work’s been slow this week. But at least I have a cleaner desk to do it on.

Health. We are still sick. :P Which is the main reason this list is so short this week.

Organization. My office is shaping up nicely. I’m still dealing with minor hoardy tendencies, but I’m finally making some headway. Now I’m moving on to Anya’s room, my closet, and the holiday/seasonal decor.

Diet. I’m slowly getting back on the menu planning wagon. And we’re eating better as a result. Now to keep it up.


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