The parent normal

I think of myself as a doer. I see a project, and immediately get to work — hitting goals, meeting deadlines, picking up slack. There hasn’t been a time in the past decade that my to-do list has held fewer than 30 items. Do or die. That’s me.

Today, I went to Walmart. That’s it.

One of the hardest things for me to adapt to as a parent is the fact that this is my new normal. That things will not always get done. Kids get sick. Things come up. And it isn’t just for the week, the month, the year — we are looking at around 20 years per kid.

Today is how things are gonna be for a while.

Oh, I know some days will be better than others. Weeks, months even. I have seen them. But then there will be weeks in which I take Kai to the doctor on Monday and learn that he has RSV, then find out on Friday that Anya has strep. Months in which Anya will catch Kai’s RSV before she has even finished the antibiotic for her strep. Their father and I won’t feel so hot ourselves. And I will find myself pushing the Pause button on my life and just momming for a while.

I am not getting anything done, perhaps, but nothing’s an important task, all the same. And this is an important season, in all our lives. Time to settle in to it.


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