What was that about history repeating itself?

After the article I linked last week, I am plotting a visit to the Civil Rights museum. I have lived here more than 20 years; way past time I went. I need some hope. Perhaps I can find some there.


Kai is learning so much every day. “Out, please,” he said the other day, raising his arms to be lifted from the playpen. He also taps his fingers together while he dances, like he’s snapping. I love watching him evolve into the little boy he almost is.


Too damn much social media. I’m tempted to take a short sabbatical from it.


Emerald City is…um. I don’t yet know what I think of it. But This Is Us was great this past week. I also am really enjoying this season of Bones. I was getting kind of bored with it, but I like where they’re going with it this time.

Listening to:

My lyrical comfort blanket, Matty Boy.

Working on:

Mah hustle.


Our Chinese New Year celebration; I’m in need of a new new year.

Making me happy:

My daughter. She is growing into such a lovely young woman. We are often at odds with each other, but we are also a team. So long as I don’t ask her to clean her room.

Need a more specific happy? We almost have the nits under control. They’re dead, but she still has a head full of the damn things. The special comb I bought from Amazon works, though.


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