We need a bubble

This past week was largely unproductive. Kai came down with RSV, and was Mama’s boy all week. It was not enough for me to be in the room with him; I had to be holding him or he would scream. He is on the mend now. And I am all caught up on my shows.


Work. I have had a decent week on this front. I gained a new client, was contacted by another potential client, and applied for a few other promising gigs. Here’s hoping something comes from all that.

Health. This week has been good for my meditation and yoga practices. I even started jogging! In my living room for now, but still.

Organization. R cleaned his side of the office and part of the garage. My turn. High on my list are the office, the car (I’m writing this in the school pickup line right now, and it smells funny in here), and Anya’s room. (Can I just seal the door and never go in there again? No? Damn.)

Trust. A friend of mine shared this on Facebook, and honestly it’s the only reason I am not in a complete tizzy about the shizz that went down with the ACA.

Energy. I have a sick kid. I have no energy; I have caffeine and adrenaline.

Creativity. I have taken to coloring in my adult coloring book when I need a mental breather but can’t meditate. I’m thinking I need to pick up a couple more, and stash them in strategic places.

Diet. Um. I made veggie soup from scratch, and have eaten a bowl every night this week. I also made bread and cookies. I may not have gained 10 lbs this week, but it sure as hell feels like I did.

Fun. I ordered our Chinese New Year decorations last night. Now I just need to finalize our menu and find some cool posters to print out.


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